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  1. Hello and Barn find RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Thanks for the add. I have just started stripping this barn find RD04. The frame is now at the powdercoaters and I am now busy cleaning and sourcing parts! :)
  2. And this weekend . . . . Ardnamurchan

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Paid the Ardnamurchan peninsular a visit on Friday, seeing as how Rederic of ABR forum had organised a little gathering at Strontian. Took the long way there via the Lecht, Glenshee, Pitlochry and Glencoe - no worthwhile photo’s from any of those locations – but I took a few from on the busy...
  3. Time to bow out

    Hi guys I've not posted for ages, I've been a touch busy with other bikes/hobbies/diy and life. I've also not ridden my XR for some time due to pain in my right foot as I found kicking it over was far from comfortable, even with an enduro boot on. Today I go the results from the doctor...
  4. Carbon fiber bash guard rdo7

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i was busy tinkering in the garage when i remomoved the bash plate from my twin just to see whats what really ,anyhow i have started to fabricate a carbon fiber copy form the original i should have it done after my holidays all being good ..Would anyone be interested if i can replicate...
  5. Getting Frame ready for powder coat

    Dominator / FMX
    As the title says, im busy getting frame ready for powder coat. Does any one know what size fittings can be used to plug oil ways to keep out the bead blast. Or any other ideas of things i can use??
  6. Wanted: RD07a Main / Centre stand

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. Finally managed to acquire an AT I was after for a while. Busy getting things apart / cleaned and back together in my spare time. So, I am looking for a centre-stand to help me clean things up. I am a bit surprised that it didn't come wit one. I saw other people recommending...
  7. Wanted: RD04 / RD03 relays

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm busy gathering the last few bits for the restoration of rd03. I'm in need of the indicator and pilot lamp relays. New prices are just too high! It's the two pin indicator relay and the 4pin (red connector) pilot lamp relay. There is also a 3pin red connector relay but I need the 4pin...
  8. Sold transalp.

    Sold my transalp 700 yesterday after 6 months of happy ownership it was a nice bike,i sold my triumph aswell yesterday so a busy day,i am buying a yamaha mt09 tracer after a test ride its a cracking bike light and goes really well,i did test the new africa twin which is a nice bike but heavy and...
  9. All clean and ready for MCN

    Africa Twin
    I have been busy getting her all cleaned up and ready for the MCN shoot next weekend. Quite pleased with the results, she looks freshened up and ready to go!:blob7:
  10. For Sale: Happy New Year - Free UK Mainland Shipping £35+

    For Sale / Wanted
    We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are getting ready for a cracking New Year. To start 2015 with bang, Opie Oils are giving Free UK Mainland Shipping on all order over £35. Some Scottish post codes and out of area deliveries are not included, however we have created the...
  11. For Sale: Merry Christmas - 15% Off Everything

    For Sale / Wanted
    As its Christmas you must have known we were going to do something, and haven't we just! Over the festive period Opie Oils will be giving an additional 15% off everything with voucher code PRESENT Over the last few months we have been busy adding new brands and product lines. These aren't...
  12. Taffy Dakar 2015

    Charity Events
    Preparations for the Taffy Dakar 2015 are underway, we have been very busy behind the scenes to make this even better. There will be a larger area covered with regards to waypoints so even more unsurfaced roads to navigate though. These are still in progress to make sure everyone has a...
  13. My Ex MOD XR250R - winter project.

    Just yesterday I bought a bit tired xr250r. Painted black by Stevie Wonder, small tank and engine problem (will add movie later) but for a £300 it's worthed to work on it. Well at least will keep me busy for next few months.
  14. xr 125 knobblies

    hi guys not posted in a while because ive been busy sorting out work stuff. but ive just been randomly looking on ebay for the usual mods for the bike and come across these if anyone needs any for there xr 125 if someone has one out there TYRES HONDA XR125L Motocross Pirelli Scorpion Rear...
  15. another new scrambler exhaust , to boldly go

    Dominator / FMX
    been busy making up another exhaust for the constantly evolving scrambler , not quite finished yet but the majority of the fabrication is done , quite pleased with this one , made up a muffler box which has one inlet which splits into two perforated tubes and twin exits linking to two vw beetle...
  16. family delayed build but now back on it

    Hi all Being delayed by commitments meaning more time for more bits and pieces and hey bought a brand new honda packed battery box well chuffed. Still having some slight issuies with being busy at work hovever keeps my coppers being saved up in my bike account . Just thought I should touch base...
  17. Still a busy forum?

    I know we grumble about how the forum isn't the place it used to be and how the rate and pace of threads can be a bit slow, but I have my XT660R's advertised on here, ABR,, and the HUBB. Viewing stats for the identical adverts each of which was posted within afew minutes of each other...
  18. Stolen in Preston

    Africa Twin
    Just received some bad news about Foz1969 his bike was stolen from Preston, he is just getting his other bike through MOT so maybe to busy to post so I though I would start a thread hoping somebody might be able to help. Pictures of said bike that I have from a ride out. Any details I am sure...
  19. newbie xl185 owner

    HI folks im a newbie on here, just popped in to say hi, I just picked up a xl185 s last night im not even sure what year it is, (anyway of dating) anyway its a project bike and I need a fuel tank for it if anyone has a spare, I have had a few bikes over the years and just sold my 89 cbr600...
  20. Top Posters

    I'm half way up the leader board with 17 posts hope everyone is on holiday and too busy riding to post I hope we dont need a new logo depicting cobwebs and dust.