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  1. new NX650 Owner

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Greetings XRV forum members. I have been lurking around motorcycle forums for about a month now and decided to join this one. I had been looking for a project for a little while and considered a few different models, settling on an NX 650 mostly because of the wealth of information I found on...
  2. Fair Cop

    I have a site hack for working on Skye, it's a Citroen Nemo van, great little thing for grifting along the deserted roads on Skye. Know I shouldn't, but I'm in and out of the van that much that I rarely put my driver's seat belt on, I just stick the passenger seat belt clip into my drivers...
  3. Haggis Run 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok this will be the proper ride report not like the one send on route So the day had eventually arrived and after packing a few essentials:cool: we set off to Jellys where we met up with Hudders,Carol and digi.Since its only up the road we set of late and had a easy ride.It was a bit...
  4. Bye, bye to MotoGP - unless to want to pay

    Looks like the only way to watch MotoGP from next year will be to pay for it - BT Sport confirmed for MotoGP deal and MotoGP: BT Sport secures TV rights from 2014 in five-year deal. So, I suppose I'll have to go out and ride my own bike now rather than watching the racing. Ho hum. 100%...
  5. Bye bye dumbo.... Stolen!

    Had a bad couple of weeks, needed to go for a ride to help clear the mind, called at a friends for 1minute most , came outside.... big empty space!!! zumo660, givi maxi, bars, racks & almost 4 years of fun, love, & a trillion hours working on her. Gutted! though someones lose put my life in...
  6. starter motor relay/selonoid

    Africa Twin
    fitted recon/ish engine last week, 300 miles later & she feels great. Yesterday i went to see if my morrisons basket modded sw crash bars were ready at the powder coaters & when i came out.... click... nothing!!!! luckily my friend was just round the corner with his van. So, i'm hearing a click...
  7. Xander(Going RTW)Good Bye and keep the rubber side down

    on your trip around the World Xander & Tam arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the biggest twin we have ever seen :D We had a BBQ together with African Twin & Chad,thanks guys :thumbup: We presented Xander with his Ale :thumbup: The next morning we rode with them to the tunnel terminal, at which...
  8. Bye for now

    Just wanted to say bye for now and thanks we leave for our twoish year bikr trip though africa and the america tomorrow. Wish us luck and you can read about all about it here He says / She says - Two-up on a Twin Cheers Xander !
  9. Bye for now

    See Ya all next weekend, been sitting here doing bog all since February, due to events that i will not go into now but have finally got some work with the truck, off to holland and france this morning Merv
  10. Bye folks

    Off to holland and france fro a few days now see ya next week merv
  11. Bye bye Suzuki. Hello ???

    Well, Gemma picked up my Suzuki today. She made the mistake of allowing her bloke (who hasn't passed his test yet) ride it up the drive onto the road......... yup, you guessed it - he almost dropped it!!!:rolleyes: So now my money is ready to be collected by a very nice gentleman who is...
  12. BYE BYE .... WE'RE OFF!! x

    Good morning everyone!! The sun is shining & Mrs Pooh & I are about to set off on our bike trip. We're gonna rip up the roads through France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain & Andorra :D Chad very kindly gave us te use of his tardis sized topbox so as to accommodate Jo's beauty products! Sorry Chad...
  13. Good By Vara, Good Bye.

    Sold the Vara yesterday due to it not getting used enough and the wife losing all interest in bikes. Really sad to see it go as it is without doubt the best allrounder I've had. It's horrible to see an empty garage now but not as bad seeing a bike not being used. Don't know what I'm getting next...
  14. Bye Bye @

    Hey everyone :D Not been around for a while and have some sad news ... I had to part with the @ as am still struggling with my balance & vision. :( Hopefully though, by the end of the year things will be alot better and certainly by next year come what may! I've been riding a mates bike a...
  15. Bye and Happy Christmas

    My response team has been called up for deployment to Kenya/Ethiopia/Somalia as part of the overall UN relief effort there( prolonged heavy rains has washed out huge areas. Over 1.5 million people displaced). We're leaving straight away for Nairobi and on to Garissa nearer the Somali border and...
  16. 600mile round trip to say good bye to a dear friend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    i was up bright and early yesterday for a ride down to plymouth to pay my respects to my dear friend bob who died two weeks ago :( he had a feirce love of the sea and wished to have he's ashes scatterd at plymouth hoe 8) i didnt want to be stuck on the motorways to much so i got off the...
  17. Thanks guys - bye for now

    Africa Twin
  18. Thanks guys - bye for now

    Insurance co. paid up (£400 more than I paid for it - result!) Thanks for all your words of support regarding the theft and subsequent northants police farce - much appreciated. Couldn't find another @ and was offered a mint 2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon (Duke 904i engine) for well under book, so...
  19. Say bye to the Transalp ?

    I've got a sneaky feeling Honda UK are dropping the Alp from it's line-up for 2005. Or, they're holding it back to shift the current 04 model. The main Honda UK site no longer lists the Transalp in it's 'Adventure Bikes' section. A friend of mine rang a dealer to enquire when the 2005 bikes...