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  1. For Sale: Transalp 600, 650 & 700 T-shirts 2019 'Spring Collection'

    For Sale / Wanted
    Designed by moi - available in the following sizes: S 34"/36" | M 38"/40" | L 42"/44" | XL 46"/48" | 2XL 50"/52" £19 UK, £20 EU & £21 Rest of World (PayPal) - Gathering orders so PM me - The 600 came in a whole rainbow of colours so check the full colour list. Cheers John
  2. Balkans trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi,I like to share with you few pictures from my and my friend trip to Balkans on honda transalp. Enjoy Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  3. Reproducing an RD03 headlamp grill

    Africa Twin
    I 3D printed this prototype 3 years ago from a 3D model I designed. Producing them with 3D printing would be out of the question as very pricey. Anyone here in the industrial domain that would know how to produce such grills? They are 300mmx 180mm x 35mm. It is textured because of the 3D...
  4. What's this ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all , I'm having electrical gremlins with my 2000 XRV750. The bike had an alarm system that was disabled prior to my purchase but I think some vestiges of that system remain. Can anyone identify if the photo above is a stock component? Thanks Ron Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  5. History of the Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    For all the AT lovers out there! Ireland to South East Asia two up on a 89 Africa Twin 650. Updates Here:
  6. Thirteen Years Later

    Africa Twin
    Haven't been riding my bike much over the past few years, but summer's coming! New boots, new brakes. Now it's raining :(
  7. difference between 125s and 185 flywheel and stator

    Building a hybrid engine with an Atc200 top end Xl185 crank and 125r gearbox and cases. I have been told 125 and 185 stators are different but will a mix work with the original 125s harness.
  8. AT without papers, nr plate seems UK

    Africa Twin
    hello, the number plate seems from UK and the seller says he has no documents for the bike. does anyone recognise this one Honda African Twin 750 1999 Bucuresti Sectorul 1 •
  9. Motorcycle Monthly AT article

    Africa Twin
    Browsing the online version of Motorcycle Monthly looking for info re the Stafford show came across this short article on AT Motor Cycle Monthly - 12/02/2015 digital edition
  10. RD04 Compatible brakes

    Africa Twin
    Found this list. May be of use to some of you. CBR400 RG/RH (NC23)** 1986 - 1987 CBR400 RRK/RRJ/RRK (NC23)** 1988-89 VFR400 RG (NC21)** 1986 VFR400 RH (NC24)** 1987 VFR400 Z** 1986-89 CB600 FSY/FS1/FS2 HORNET** 2000-03 CB600 SY FY/F2 - F4** 2000-04 CBF600 2004 -*2007*** CBR600 F3*** 1995-98...
  11. Opinions on the Acerbis XL front guards

    Any good?? Acerbis Vorderradkotflügel Weiß universell Honda XL 250 R, XL 250 S, XL 350 R | eBay
  12. For Charity: cone air filters

    For Sale / Wanted
    50mm fitment brand new never used £15 posted
  13. XR650L Showa fork on RD07a?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Wondering if this fork for a XR650L can fit on my AT? Can get it for a good price, and they are brand new....anybody any experience?
  14. Fitted a recovered saddle to my RD04.

    Africa Twin
    Well lads, I got the Spair saddle lam gave me recovered for my RD04. Delight with how it turned out. :mrgreen:
  15. Milan to the Stelvio, via the Italian lakes...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
  16. Craghoppers 25% off

    Discounts / Deals
    Craghoppers have sent me a email with a discount code for 25% off at Craghoppers - World Travel Clothing code: C25OFF
  17. Rab Neutrino 400 down sleeping bag

    Discounts / Deals
    Just got this email from Webtogs, if anyone is interested. Offering the Rab Neutrino 400 down sleeping bag for £171 apparently that's a saving of £114, here's the link Rab Neutrino 400 Down Sleeping Bag
  18. Sold: motad venom stainless can

    For Sale / Wanted
    Another victim of the clear out Motad Venom end can £50 plus postage
  19. Ammo box - Any one seen/used these before?

    Bodgers Corner
    They are wide, but 30 cm (12") is the same as the biggest metal mules I think. Anyone seen/tried thee before? ARMY AMMO BOX, TOOL, STORAGE, 4X4, OFF ROAD ECT..... | eBay
  20. Scala Rider Q2 teamset on Schuberth C2.

    Mechanical Advice
    Due to Fiona now using her Beemer more often to go on runs and touring our wired intercom has become redundant so time to update. While surfing for info I came across the Scala rider bluetooth set up, info the Scala rider doesn't fit the Schuberth helmet intreagued me and I like a challenge! I...