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  1. My Tenere

    Well today was the day it was supposed to be unveiled. Ive had it a few weeks now and it got stripped down for some much needed love. cabbage said he would come today and help me fettling.............. as Im a self confessed biff:D when it comes to spannering. However I had the bike ready for...
  2. If I do it will be Cabbages fault

    So I have been out and about recently with my riding buddy Cabbage, and the Tenere.. all be it the old model... is showing a clean pair of heels to the Alp. Even on the road it pulls very well, and seems almost on a par with the Alp. I had thought about an @ but money is tightish, I had even...
  3. Fun day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a break in this great weather weve been having, so Cabbage on his Ten and my "ready for it" TA was given a tough shake down. Decided to do Sarn Helen, some lanes around Brecon and also Llandovery. Awesome day so rather than ramblings I thought I would just post the pics. The TA was fine...
  4. Popped out to visit Cabbage

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Cant get enough of this bike riding thing, so today I popped over Cabbages, had a cuppa and then popped over to another chap we both know but Cabbage wanted to overland:rolleyes: Then the route down turns into a steep down hill section that needs to be cut across to get down ( the road we need...