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  1. Another year older for our favourite Cabby

    107! A mere youngster! Have a brilliant time, Cabby. Keep on smiling, eh? :occasion5::occasion6:
  2. A philosophical question - Cabby will like it

    Whilst reading Seneca this afternoon I came across the following and it got me thinking; Of time: whether it is anything in and by itself; whether anything exists prior to time and without time; did time begin with the universe or because there was something even before the universe began...
  3. London Calling befiore Ace Overland Adventure day?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Snaphappy is coming over for the Overland Adventure Day at the Ace on 21 April and fancies aquick sight-seeing tour of London beforehand. Not sure if our resident expert - Cabby and Soho - are around but if not I'll lead an abridged ride. Aim to depart the Blackheath tea hut at 7am, take in...
  4. Happy Birthday Cabby

    Happy Birthday old fella. You're still looking good (well, not bad for 106 years old) :D:D:D:D :occasion4::occasion4::occasion5:
  5. Am I alone..

    In being really pissed off about the Olympics? All we see on the telly and radio is Olympic that and Olympic that. Real news seems to be relegated to the last few minutes of the bulletins where traditionally the cat stuck up tree stories reside. As for the cost. So far, depending who you...
  6. Cabby???????taxi help in London

    Cabby....or anyone in the know. What can I expect to pay for Earls Court to New Covent Garden. I'm working in London week after next and there's no parking at Earls Court any more, my nearest place will be NCG Nine Elms Road. Too far to walk and two changes by tube / bus. :( either that or...
  7. Lidl Dremmel - £16

    Discounts / Deals
    Cabby just texted me to say he just bought "one of those dremmel type things from Lidl" for £16.
  8. Congrats to Granddad Cabby

    It's a boy.:thumbup: Apparently the boy took the long way out and refused to go home because it was south of the river.:D
  9. Happy birthday Cabby

    Happy birthday to one of my favourite posters - wishing you a day of joyous adjectives and nouns :D
  10. Happy Birthday Cabby

    Hope you had a nice one :wav::wav::wav::occasion7::occasion1::occasion4::occasion6::occasion4::occasion9::occasion4::occasion5::occasion4::occasion9: from all the Vaders:thumbup:
  11. Happy Birthday CABBY

    Have a good one.:occasion4: :occasion4: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion5: :occasion5:
  12. Happy birthday Cabby

    102 ;);) again All the best mate and we hope you had a real good day The Vader clan:D :wav::wav::occasion4::occasion6::occasion9::occasion1::occasion7::occasion5::occasion5::occasion4::occasion9:
  13. Find a bike for cabby !

    Heres a few possibles ive found - anyone else :D