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  1. My kid after I assume she broke into the liquor cabinet....

    funny vid of Jenny - YouTube
  2. Recommend me a tool cabinet

    Mechanical Advice
    Thinking about condensing my mountain of tools which are spread around various boxes and bags into a mechanic style tool cabinet. There seems to by quite a range available from cheapo to SnapOn. Have read that the Halfords industrial are worth a look, anyone got any experience of these things...
  3. Argos CHALLENGE storage Drawer cabinet

    Discounts / Deals
    For those who need to get things organised in the Shed there is a CHALLENGE BRAND Metal Drawer cabinet on Sale at Argos for £16.65. I bought one yesterday and its bloody brilliant !! One of the best made things i have bought in a long time !! EXCELLENT REALLY and esp at the price. 8 Drawers...