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  1. F*cking cagers!

    Right, time for me to have a little rant about the f*cking cagers! :angry4: I ride my 20 mile commute (40 round trip) all year round by motorcycle only as I never bothered to get my car licence (oh and the parking's virtually non-existant for cars where I work) and the number one priority for...
  2. Not in hiding, just laying low

    Hi All. Yep I'm still here up in Nottingham learning the lingo, still having bucket loads of shyte with this divorce thing, once the weather warms up a bit for these old bones I will be doing more meets and rides hoping to catch up with you all again. Loads going on but don't want to tell the...
  3. school run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    hardly ride report materiel this, but I like the pics I got... well N° 1 wanted me to run her into shcool (20k) on the bike this morning, despite the damp mist . It wasn't cold at all so fine. I didn't get any pics of the way in cos by the time she'd got togged up we were cutting it pretty...
  4. MSN article on biking.

    Don't usually read anything on MSN, but glimpsed this when I signed on this morn to the Messenger, seemed sensible enough, maybe more for "cagers" though.
  5. cheapskate running light

    Africa Twin
    not to be outposed by the bmw crowd and these flash new mini-spotlights, here's a way to get just the same effect at little cost. you may have noticed that the lights used on bicycles have come a long way in recent years - i have an old 'cateye' set which was a 20watt 6 volt system. this is now...
  6. all hail the mcvicar clan

    i went for a nice gentiel ride down to burnam on sea to see them and purchace steves luggage apon arrival i was usherd to our padre's very own MC technician to whom i now bestow the title of (chief mechanic wolf) this guys garage has to be seen to be believed:shock: :cool: we did battle...
  7. Taking responsibility

    Over and over again we hear of incidents where cars pull out in front of bikes. We know they do it, even though they shouldn't, so why do so many people ride like they are in a perfect world instead of expecting trouble? At the risk of getting flamed (and this isn't aimed at anyone in...