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    Hope you have a great birthday :-) .......hope Mrs Stubbsie bakes you one of her lovely cakes for your birthday. Have fun. :occasion6: :occasion7: :sunny: x
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    I've not had cream cakes for ages but as Mrs H had bought some I'd been looking forward to eating one all day and when I eventually got round to taking it out the fridge to eat it I dropped it and it ended up on the floor Not to worry there was another sealed and unopened box. That also came...
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    Fantastic, full size stormtrooper cake Life-sized Stormtrooper cake by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes | THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH
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    or probably not....I took my bike in for service this morning and the dealer gave me a 2K miles demo VFR 1200 as a loan bike. He said that those are the only two bikes left to loan to customers.... I found it strange as it always used to be a tatty CBF and I have to say I was not designed to...
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    Today I took my mates daughter to Glasgow for another X Factor audition which gave me something to do as the bike is still awaiting a new front tyre. It also gave me the chance to pop in to The Village Bakery in Kilncadzow, a place that makes the biggest chocolate eclairs and meringues on the...
1-5 of 5 Results