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  1. Calculating alternator output?

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to know how much spare capacity, if any, my Honda NX4 has so that I can work out what extra electical equipment I can put on it safely without causing deep unhappiness at the side of some European road! Things like heated grips or vest, extra LED lights etc etc The mobile phone running...
  2. Hello XR chaps/chappesses

    Thought I best say hello seeing as my first post was a "problem"post. Picked up my 1998 XR400R the other day and since then, it's been a case of get up, shower, breakfast, tinker with bike. So far, I'm happy. So, what have I done so far? Adjusted valve clearances. Retentioned the manual...
  3. Sold: My 1993 Africa Twin RD07 with 51500 miles - if I get a sensible offer.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As many of you will know from my posts on this site, back in late January I was forced to put her down on her side in the road after some **** car driver cut me up. I was only travelling a few mph at the time and damage to her is minimal, although if you take into account all the little...
  4. 1984 XL500RC Speedo

    Hi there all, after 2 years I have finally got my XL back up and running !!!! Could someone please send us or post a clear picture of a MPH speedo face as mine is a KPH and I would like to try to make a MPH overlay. I realise the odometer would still be in KPH, but it would be nice to see what...
  5. Torque Wrench.

    Mechanical Advice
    Just been using me new..(cheap ? ..£30) Torque wrench. PROBLEM: Everything in Haynes is in Nm.... Guess what I've got.. YUP !!!!! Ft/lb ...........Kg/m NO Nm......ANYWAY......:confused: There's a crude conversion table with it...So I've been dividing Nm's by 1.356 (or 1.536....not...