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  1. The Caledonian Shufflebums DO the Paddy Dakar

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    Linky thing to a rather long report that covers this threads title. bigtrailie • View topic - The Caladonian Shufflebums DO the Paddy Dakar ENJOY Steve T :cool:
  2. Paramedic detects deterioration in XRV patient

    I started lurking in this forum around 2005 , joined in 2006 and have been a subscribed member since DaveS requested some support. When I was in engineering and (ahem) "worked" from the office , I would be on here several times a day , because it was a great place to be. I have had some great...
  3. Garden weeds v Loch Ness

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Loch Ness won !!! Twas a lovely day last Sunday ( unlike today ), the Triffids have taken up residence in Chateau Lowflyer's back garden. I had to go into the garage to get some tools, had to move the AT. That was it -- tools binned, on with gear and awaaaaaaayyyy to the hills. Spur of the...
  4. The Western Isles of Scotland. (BMW)

    Ok, the title of this post doesn't really explain itself! :thumbup: I returned from the isles of South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist on Thursday, I was over on company business. The Isles are a great adventure, the roads, the scenery, all stunning, and the people are so nice, couple of points...
  5. message for big mac

    I just realised that you sent me a message. I could not see any reply button so I took the liberty of making a thread. We meet at Castlecary every 2nd Tuesday the next is tomorrow 23rd march We have tables in lounge bar through front door our club is called Caledonian Reivers I plan to be there...