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    I know it,s along way but fingers crossed some of you can make it!!! iv,e never shut up about PI and the GREAT people i met:thumbright: Phil
  2. Chatter
    The only time of the year I eat chocolate for breakfast and not feel bad for doing so, and yes I am 2? years old, lol
  3. Chatter
    Anyone who has a picture who wants it to be considered for next years XRV calender please have a look at this Post. basically it needs to be emailed to Whealie rather than posted on the site. If Chris doesn't get the hi res copy of the picture it may not be included in the calender which would...
  4. Chatter
    Been playing with a paint package for my 2007 calender entry.. What da think??? If you like it, vote for it!!
1-4 of 16 Results