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  1. Transalp
    I did this today, you might find it usefull. ran bike till it ran out of fuel. put in ----needle position 3 litres -- level with bottom of red mark 4 litres -- level with top of red mark 5 litres -- lowest white mark 6 litres -- between bottom 2 white marks 7 litres -- level with second to...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone Only posted once before hope you can help me now. Just advice on a change in speedo. I've changed my front wheel as per backtracker special... For sometime I thought( from general reading) that I would have to get a speedo drive from a 17" wheeled bike, preferably a Honda. So...
  3. XR
    Im a new rider,,,, and I dont know how to stop when i start and push the gas (xr 400) in play fireworks (booon boom boooom) and doesn't has any strength..!! I was thinking it's a calibration problem, but a friend say it's a exhaust gasket problem...?? Could somebody help me..?? Thanks Frank
  4. XR
    I'm really new racing a Honda Xr,,,, just bought it 3 month ago and I ridden for 4 times,,, after that i start to some problems.... I can not get the correct calibration (torque, rpm. streght) carburator needle - When a push the gas (aceleration) it play fireworks (sound) Could somebody...
  5. Transalp
    Hi Transalpers! I just bought a '97 Tranny 600 to use on wet days so that my Gixxer 1000 stays clean and I am having great fun with it. It is an ex-UK cop bike - it has a calibration sticker on the tacho and the right-hand swithgear has four extra light switches (must get some neons and...
  6. Africa Twin
    A friend belonging to another site of similar bike, found a great repair for a tachometer that has suffered an overheat. The regulator/rectifier blew on the RD04 and blew the headlights and boiled the battery as well as frying the Tacho. It only worked up to 3.5 - 4000 rpm, no more no matter...
1-6 of 7 Results