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  1. Breakdown Cover

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Almost time for me to renew my insurance and breakdown cover. Yes I have so far survived almost a year. Now when I got my insurance last year and looked at breakdown cover I'm sure I read that bikes over 20 years old cant be covered? :( The other month in the car park some dudes VFR...
  2. Halvarssons Combined Tank bag and Backpack

    Product Reviews
    Mounted it yesterday, thought about calling NASA but I managed in the end ;) 12L 8 pockets + the large/main is divided in two GPS/phone/map pockets with plastic screens Rain cover, without I think it will withstand moderate rain I'm a "simpler is better" kind of guy and well.. there are a...
  3. Boano!

    Africa Twin
    Firstly, hello from a new member and new owner of an old RD04. Thanks all for the great website - it's already been invaluable source of info. Second, I found myself driving through Italy on a wet day (yesterday) and passing very close to Caraglio, home of Boano. It seemed worth a...
  4. Hi and help

    Hi folks, New member and new rider. Just purchased a 2004 xl 650 Transalp, I love it, but have problem. The bike has 55,000 on the clock (just for information) I was out on the bike, just cancelled the indicators and the bike lost all electrics, the main 30 amp fuse on the starter relay had...
  5. Calling Kjell

    Could you do us a favour and have a look around if the Primus Borealis rally still exists? Only stuff i can find is rather old or i cant read it Cheers Pete
  6. Centre Stand removal ?? Help plz

    Good evening fellow headbins, I have a 650 alp (which I love), the centre stand is a real pig to move, it takes a lump hammer and curse word to move it. I'm tired of it not working. So today I cut the end of the centre shaft thinking I'd be able to hammer it out (each end had be battered by...
  7. Cold calling... boot on the other foot :D

    BBC News - How one man turns annoying cold calls into cash :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  8. Travel advice - To the end of Europe

    My employer has decided they no longer need my services, so I have a once in a 'remaining' lifetime opportunity to get on my bike and go.... The plan is to travel to Romania and back over a number of weeks calling in many countries, starting September. I've done a bit of Spain, France etc, but...
  9. Man down---but not out yet!

    Bu**er ! Got a letter from the Urology doc today calling me back on 17th. Seems like there is more gremlin there that must be removed. Thought that the tumour removal was the end of it, but I suppose that was kidding myself. Ah well, just got to get on with it. Going to be uncomfortable for...
  10. Shorty Long Durness run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm calling this Shorty Long tour as I didn't plan on going as far afield. Started off by going too see an old friend near Dornoch, called at the house, missus says he's just left on a run up North. Thought to myself, He's on a GS, should be able to catch up with relatively quickly,;) so set...
  11. Shep,s big euro tour 2013

    I am off on the 17th May for 6 weeks, the general plan is Dover to Calais then head for the Czech Republic, into Slovakia and heading for the Ukraine border, into Ukraine and then out towards Lvov, Kiev and Kharkov, into Russia as I want to go to Prokorhiav and the site of the Kursk tank battle...
  12. First time out since my off

    Well with the help of some pain killers (the none drowsy variety) and some determination I managed to get on the bike for first time today, I stayed relatively local to me but managed to clock up 77 miles in 3 separate sessions. The nervousness lasted about 10 minutes until I got stuck behind...
  13. London Calling befiore Ace Overland Adventure day?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Snaphappy is coming over for the Overland Adventure Day at the Ace on 21 April and fancies aquick sight-seeing tour of London beforehand. Not sure if our resident expert - Cabby and Soho - are around but if not I'll lead an abridged ride. Aim to depart the Blackheath tea hut at 7am, take in...
  14. calling Sharrie

    can you phone me please as I cant PM you......
  15. Londons calling

    Or it's called :D:D short notice job and I'm in Shepherds bush already, got Tues night free and most of wednesday, any out there bored I'm not on the bike so its coffee or sherbert, depending on when we can meet
  16. calling stormforce....

    about time you bought this forum off its current owner and got it back to its former glory and got rid of the excessive & american advertising!!!! hell, I'd even renew my subscription......
  17. Calling rickskye and the other ugly git

    Calling rickskye and the other ugly one Yo rick and john:angel5: You guys remember the campsite we stayed on at the last Haggis run. Does that still exists? Or would you know of a even better one? Must say I did enjoy the site even if the walk to or more like from the pub was a bit of a mission...
  18. calling Vader....

    Switch your phone on you silly German git! (+ then phone me!)
  19. National 2012 - Calling all Norfolk XRV'rs..

    National Meets
    Just a few more ideas for rideouts at the National, if anyone is interested or willing to put themselves forward as ride leader / tour-guide for something loosely based around the following that would be splendid..:thumbup: Scenic Road ride North to the Coast to the see the Seals - we are...
  20. Calling all Norwegians

    I'm riding up from Oslo on the sixth of june. Aiming north, through Dokka, Vassbakken, heading south again on the Rv55 towards the west and Lothe, and finally ending up in Stavanger on saturday evening Route: Göteborg till Göteborg - Google Maps But I have heard a rumor that the roads over...