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  1. Chain slider (lower front) on XRV650

    Africa Twin
    I'm looking for some help on the mounting of the chain slider. I've been working on a restoration and it has been some time since I've been at it due to health reasons. When I went to put the slider on, the mounting point does not seem to be right. I'm wondering if one of the points has been...
  2. fairing repair - which plastic?

    Bodgers Corner
    My AT's on it's third headlight fairing (or 'nose cowling' as the parts book calls it). The first two developed bad cracks around the holes into which the side fairing panels connect. I've kept the old fairings with an eye to trying to repair them and have now, after many years, got a plastic...
  3. Wanted: Looking for a place who does the "water dip" film process

    For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings! I have a '04TA and I would like to get a "Kevlar" film applied to the plastic "dashboard" piece (Honda calls it a Cowl). Does anyone know of a place that does the "hydrodip" process? I am an American living in Turkey and there just aren't many options or places here for custom work...
  4. What telephone phone?

    I am looking to buy myself a new telephone to make telephone calls on. I dont want any bells and whistles smartphone bow locks, just a phone to make calls on.:thumbup: Any suggestions...I might go mad and spring for a flip phone like they used to have in star trek.:D:D:D
  5. RD04 rear shock adjustment

    Africa Twin
    Hola, So I wanna increase the rear ride height (the previous owner was about 6 inches shorter than me) a smidge and the Haynes manual calls for a c-spanner but doesn't state which size(s) are optimum. Could someone help with the size? thanks, again, in advance :)
  6. Scam numbers?

    Hi all You may know i'm selling my 650 and have it advertised on here and Gumtree. I've gotten text messages from people but there is no number to reply to! Are these scammers pretending to buy? One came at 0530 this morning with just a email address ([email protected]) to reply to but no...
  7. The power of the forum

    As a new member looking for an XL 600 lm I had a look through some old post regarding 600 lm,s . Some months back forum member catteeclan had advertised a 600 lm. I contacted him through the forum and he still had the bike.A few emails and phone calls later and I arranged to go and see the bike...
  8. Cold calling... boot on the other foot :D

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  9. Go Desmond!

    He's only saying what we all know - Desmond Tutu calls for blair and bush to be tried over Iraq - but I think he has more clout than the man on the street. Will anything happen? Unfortunately, I think not. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live...
  10. Insurance for test ride...

    Hi Guys, I am new one around here and thinking about buying TA soon. Now I have question ...If I go to see bike I like and would like to test drive it this wont be possible because I dont have insurance (fair enough I would not let drive some else my bike without insurance). But what sort of...
  11. Should BMW be worried?

    Found this elsewhere. Seems that Yamaha have come up with an off-road scooter in response to calls from scooter riders after the floods in Thailand. So, do you reckon BMW should be worried? :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam -...
  12. MCN online quote warning

    I used MCN to get a quote for a bike with several providers on Monday. Said quotes were provided. Yesterday I had lots of missed calls from the number 01933 351680 but no messages were left. Ditto today. Upon googling the number I have discovered that it is in fact an automated number stemming...
  13. The 2 head bearings are different sizes?

    Africa Twin
    Hey lads! I bought a set of steering bearings from DavidSilver, and gave to my mechanic the other day. Now he calls me and says they are different sizes, and is supposed to be the same size ... is this true? Are the 2 bearings for the steering supposed to be the same size? Thanks in advance...
  14. Old age is a curse

    Doh, Today, I woke up, nice crisp , clear morning. Wife went to church, thought about going out for a blast on the twin but decided against it after watching the rugby at the pub last night :( Car was frosted up outside my house, so went out and turned her on, heater going full blast to clear...
  15. Need help with previous owner of my home

    The house i'm at we've lived at for nearly 8 years now. On a weekly basis i'm getting threatening letters from different dept recovery agencies for debts that the previous owner either had or has still got. Yesterday i opened one by mistake, this morning i phoned the debt agency told them the...
  16. 999 calls

    I wish this was in the jokes section but it's true.
  17. Assistance calls

    The Longest Day
    Thought I'd start this now although there is nothing to do for either of them but offer internet sympathy (read giggles :D) First call, this morning from whealie, you may remember that Whealie started the thread arranging to meet at Squires. Phone call, ummm Sharrie, it's Whealie. I'm...
  18. If Mudwizz calls you ...

    Competitions / Trials
    ... DONT whatever you do ANSWER him !!!!!!!!!!!! You'll regret it. I promise you you will. You will not believe what he's talked me into, and there are others in his sights. Noone is safe. Run away Run away :D:D:D
  19. NOT SPAM - Free UK landline calls for the next 6 months

    .. using your computer! If you've not tried it before is where you get the application. Install it and you can chat to people around the world as if you were on the phone, and it's free. Skype have an offer on at the moment, which I've been using quite a bit. Buy £10 of credit (wait...