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cam chain tensioner

  1. Cam Chain Tensioners

    I have a 2002 Varadero coming up to 30K miles and I was wondering how the CCTs typically hold up on a Varadero? The CCT seems to be a bit of a weakness with Hondas. (Changed the CCT twice on my 53K Blackbird.)
  2. xlr 125r cam chain snapped at about 30mph

    Other Honda
    hey people! just after a little bit info on what to expect before i pull the engine out and strip it. honestly ive just spent a few weeks doing the bike up and 30mins into riding her i felt her heart stop :( i was just picking up through the gears i think i got into [email protected] then it went. i had...
  3. Cam chain or tensioner requiring replacement?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I need some sagely advice as I am replacing the gearbox on my RD07A due to worn output shaft and have the engine stripped down just needing to separate the crankcase now. My question is when the cam chain tensioner tab is near the wear limit (max 6mm) does this mean the cam chain should...
  4. Cam chain tensioner

    Hi alii. Just rebuildin my old xl 500r engine, and desperately looking after chain tensioner to it. Tried David Silver and CMSNL but no help :( Does anyone of you have ideas that where to next? Rg Jukka
  5. varadero 125 engine knock ???

    hello to everyone!!! Need help with this engine knock sound on my baby vara - ‪varadero 125 engine knock - help!‬‏ - YouTube In workshop I was told this is something in first cylinder, but nothing more. Have new cam chain tensioner in case, but think this is something diferent.. Cluch works...
  6. Cam chain tensioners

    Had them replaced today thanks to a mate on the RFOC with a VTR 1000 (same lump, but I'm sure you already knew that) The Vara came with 47,000 miles and no history, I was prepared to take a gamble for £1400! It is a Honda anyway!:thumbup: I know the rectifier(?) has been replaced and now these...
  7. Cylinder head back on - advice please

    Dominator / FMX
    I fetched the cylinder head for my SLR650 back from SEP. They're good but not overly quick... It has had new exhaust valve guides and a snapped exhaust stud spark eroded out. They did a cracking job and the build up of the head and re-assembly of the bike took about 5 hours. It was pretty...
  8. Cam chain tensioner

    With my new purchase of a Vara with 47,000 miles and no history I was wondering if there's anything that should have been done apart from the usual servicing? A mate has told me this: hello Jerry. i have got a pic of the cct's mate insitu on a vara 1000 engine, if yours look like this get them...
  9. Odd rattle, comes and goes.

    Africa Twin
    As it said in the title, "Odd rattle, comes and goes". It stays at the same fairly loud noise level and speed, revving the engine or pulling the clutch in, or any other combination of things does nothing. This happens occasionaly and usualy when she gets hot. It is loudest on the front...
  10. Transalp XL600 engine rattle

    I have an 1987 Transalp 600 with an engine rattle, I have been told it may be the cam chain tensioner. How easy is it to check this?
  11. chapping xr400

    My 01 xr 400 ran fine a few months ago when i got it with a receipt for £500 worths top end work being done. Only problem was it being really hard to start when both hot and cold so i adjusted the tappets and it now starts 1st or 2nd kick and changed the oil, filter and plug. Since doing the...
  12. XR600 problems!

    Just bought an xr 600 with problems the auto decomp is causing problems so has to come off. How do you release the pressure from the cam chain tensioner? Anyone know the carb settings please? :confused:
  13. slight noise, lumpy idle

    my xr400 has developed a slight tickity noise and lumpy idle when started from cold but goes away after a couple of minutes and the bike runs perfect on idle. it's had a new cam chain tensioner fitted the oil and filter has been changed recently and the valve clearences were done only two months...
  14. Suzuki DRZ 400 Honda CRF 450 Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    eBay - CR/CRF/CRM
    £22.50 End Date: Sunday Feb-06-2011 6:49:01 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;22.50 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  15. Cam chain tensioner and guides

    Africa Twin
    My Africa Twin has some play on the cam chain. So I'm planning to replace. Not sure if it's the chain, tensioner or chain guide that causes the play though. Are the chain tensioner and guides interchangeable on the RD04 through RD07a?
  16. For Sale: XR400

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Just putting the feelers out as its time... maybe for the XR to go. It is a 52 plate that has been extensively looked after with a lot of money spent getting it sorted. It is on 12000 kms and has just had new cam chain tensioner, recent re bore and new piston and rings and also head sorted out...
  17. strange vibrating noise when decelerating

    Africa Twin
    been riding the bike alot over the past few months and noticed a horrible noise when i shut off coming up to a junction a coasting down a steep hill. i read a few posts on here and some say about a dodgy cam chain tensioner ,and some say it could be the bash plate,i removed the bash plate this...
  18. Cam Chain Tensioners

    Africa Twin
    Well after all the stripdown and rebuild that took place recently, my cam chains are slapping like mad. I'm not very please as you can imaging after just having the engine stripped and rebuilt. The guy who did the rebuild said they looked ok when he put them back!! I'm thinking of doing this...
  19. Thank you mr honda but I prefer the XR600's one.

    Africa Twin
    Cam chain tensioner lug (to release chain tension) What a bugger that was!! There really is very little room to get your pliers (of any kind and I have about 5 types) onto the slim lug to lift it to fit the pin. Still, front cylinder now has no cam/cam gear and is ready for head removal and...
  20. Front Cam chain tensioner

    Well it's been rattling for a while now and i have been planning to get round to changing it but something always crops up and i just haven't had the time latly to do it. So i booked it into the dealers they said it would be £50-60 for the tensioner and 3 hrs labour so around the £160 mark...