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  1. Rucksack |Help

    Can anybody recommend me a ruck sack to carry the following:- Canon 60d body Canon 50mm prime lens Canon 18-55 lens Canon 55-250 lens Sigma 150 - 500 lens Flash gun Small camcorder. Tripod So far i'm thinking about :- Tamrac expedition 7 Lowe-pro flipside 500 lowe-pro vertex 300 lowepro...
  2. 1080p Camcorder Advise

    Hoping someone has done this and can advise. Just bought a camcorder to get some footage of the little-un (they grow up so fast!) and the last one I had was a tape one. I have a Sony laptop that plays HD movies fine but when I transfer the recorded footage over to the laptop it’s out of sync...
  3. Video Transfer

    Not quite adventure bike related but people on here have other knowlege that I would like to tap into. I have camcorder video tapes going back 25 plus years and would like to copy them to digital media as a way of securing the record. I have a (still) working video player stored in the back...
  4. Digital Camcorder Advice, please.

    I recently asked for advice on the camera combination I should consider for trips: digicam and camcorder or helmet cam. As a result I am pretty sold on the Panasonic FT2, and the POV 1.5. I still like this option for the space saved and robustness, if nothing else, but I can't help but think...
  5. Pure Flip camcorder any good?

    I'm looking for a nice simple, easy to operate camera/camcorder. I want something i can take out of my tankbag to shoot a short video or take a snapshot while on the move, with gloved left hand. Obviously only on those quiet times. Pal of mine, who is far more "technical" than me has...
  6. Cheap camcorder

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Got a £40 medion HD camcorder from Lidl. Here are the results Loads of wind noise on the TA, works better on my slower Serow.
  7. For Sale: JVC Everio Camcorder

    For Sale / Wanted
    JVC Everio GZ-MG130 Camcorder. 34X zoom. Digital. Bought this 6 months ago and have not used it :rolleyes:. Still in the box so I'll say it's used (coz i opened it :D) but it still is new (i suppose :confused:). Cheapest i can find these are £282 (but they have none left). £200 +...