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  1. Don't Panic! OK Panic

    Past National Meets
    See Great Campsite in North Yorkshire,fires allowed. It seems the pub (White Horse Inn) has closed. Anyone know if there is another or do we have to forfeit tents and sleeping bags to make space on the bikes for booze.
  2. 10% discount on boil in the bag foods

    Discounts / Deals
    Hi. I've just posted a 10% discount on boil in the bag foods from the Jolly Gourmand web site over on the Camping Forum. The discount it only valid from a month so get cracking! Camping Forums UK Cheers Dave
  3. Basic camping advice needed!

    I've posted this on the seperate Camping forum, but thought I'd put it in here too. I haven’t been camping for donkeys years, and have to confess that I never really cared for it very much. It always ended up being a cold, wet & quite miserable experience! But without camping I’m missing out...
  4. While xrv is off the air.

    Why not pop over and visit Dave's other forums at Camping Forums UK? Loads of info on camping and life under canvas. Equipment and campsite reviews. It's got the lot. Come and join the merry band.
  5. Go Outdoors

    Discounts / Deals
    Got a half price sale on again and i remember there was interest in this tent before (Vango Venture 500) I think i paid £59.99 last...
  6. Sold: X-Treme Lite 3/4

    For Sale / Wanted
    X-Treme Lite 3/4 *SOLD* Exactly the same type as LWR was selling on the camping forum... Gelert X-Treme Lite 3/4 - Camping Forums UK £10 i'll cover postage. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  7. Tent Reviews

    Hi guys. Could you help me out on the camping forum by posting up reviews of any tents you've had good bad or indifferent, pics are great, but if not I will add any I can find on the net. I'm trying to build up a good load of reviews of tents available. Tents - Tent Reviews at...
  8. New Camping Forum

    All, I'm starting up a new venture and I wanted to ask your advice, help and permission! :thumbright: I'm in the process of creating some new camping related forums. The site will be clean and fresh not like some of the competition. It will be along the same lines as this forum, very friendly...
  9. Khyam Biker Quick Erect Tent

    Product Reviews
    I haven't seen a review for the Khyam Biker Tent and as lots of us have them thought it was worthy of a review. Most of the Khyam range tend to be quick erect (ooo errr misses) and you can get them up in around 5 mins or so with practice. This is very useful when it's chuking it down with rain...