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  1. Honda fmx anti smog canister

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi i have been reading some post and a few people have been mentionin removing the somg canister. Can some one give me some infomantion on removing this like what benifits is ther? And how to do it Will i need blanking plates can i also ask some more mod questions What size sprokets do u guys...
  2. Problems fitting refurbisged shock absorber

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Just trying to fit my reconditioned shock absorber, but it appears the hose to the gas canister is in a different position to the one i took off. How can i get it repositioned- if you look at the photograph i cannot get the fuel pump back into position and it looks like the hose will...
  3. Free: Bottle/canister holder. Stainless.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I got one this from Konvoi as a "Sorry for taking so long" It is stainless. SOLD ( Well, "donated" more like) Les Top to bottom = 282mm Side to side = 140mm Bottom shelf front to back = 50mm Mounting holes = 100mm across and 140mm lengthwise I will never use it. use...
  4. Petrol Canister attached to Givi Panniers

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, thought you might want to see my wee custom fit job on my Givi's - wanted to store a petrol 2L canister somewhere on the bike and came up with this idea which wored perfectly and is as neat as you can get. Bought a Touratech canister and bracket, total cost £45 inc postage I think...
  5. Tool Tube Ops Canister

    Mechanical Advice
    I bought a couple of tool tubes from Kitped when he brought the last batch. I also called in to an agricultural merchants (on the A6 at Darley Dale just north of Matlock) and asked about them. They called them Ops canisters and I bought one. They charged me £15:00 for it. I have uploaded...