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  1. Bike covers

    Product Reviews
    Following on from the excellent opinions on chain maintenance i thought i would chance my luck on further opinions. I used to have an excellent green canvas bike cover for my Sr 500 20 years ago but it appears the choice is more limited these days. Is it oxford or oxford??
  2. Canvas motorcycle cover

    Anyone tried one? I've always had the grey ones with soft lining, but they do split after a while; okay a long while. But, been looking at the green canvas ones. People with garages, don't reply:rolleyes: My bike is out all year round, do the canvas ones go moldy? Are they really waterptoof? Cheers
  3. Trip to The Pyrenees - July 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's now 3 weeks since we returned from the best biking trip I've ever had so now that some nice folk have explained how to do it, here's my report: The Team were Me, the Wife, a small cuddly bee belonging to my nephew and "Doris" our trusty Garmin Zumo. 3rd July: Having finally managed to strap...
  4. Petrol Tank Panniers

    Africa Twin
    Have made some heavy duty canvas tank panniers, with nylon straps and clips. They are about 8 litres capacity, would like some feedback on these. I will also be bringing some to view to the XRV rally in September.
  5. " with a little help from friends "

    The Longest Day
    There are often threads thanking members for their help, I had great assistance, help and company that I really want to say an open thankyou from the bottom of my heart Thanks to Andy1 for hospitality on the Thursday feeding and watering me and being a great host Fishbone for helping feeding...
  6. For Sale: Various tents and other camping stuff

    For Sale / Wanted
    No pictures coz I can't be arsed to put them up but I am thnking of selling several camping items...... Helsport reinfjell 4-6man Tipi. Google it and look on "song of the paddle" or "bushcraft uk". This is a quality ripstop nylon Tipi and comes complete with a floor that clips in as well as...
  7. While xrv is off the air.

    Why not pop over and visit Dave's other forums at Camping Forums UK? Loads of info on camping and life under canvas. Equipment and campsite reviews. It's got the lot. Come and join the merry band.
  8. The Almerian Adventure

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Still working on some of the piccies so will do this report in stages just to wet your appetite. For those that don't know we have just had a family holiday down in the South of Spain, but one with a bit of a difference because we took the bikes down, myself and Caitie M did some horse riding...
  9. Size Isn't Everything You Know !!

    Well ? I would say that wouldn't I ? You know !! over the last few months I've been having great fun on the Suzuki DRZ 400S I bought for "throwing about" off road. It's just great for that, and soaks up all the punishment I've been giving it , my daughter's boyfriend just bought an XR400R and...
  10. Sold: Honda Africa Twin RD07a XRV750 yr2000 parts one 650gs sidestand extenton

    For Sale / Wanted
    1) BMW 650 GS SideStand extention arm and larger foot. Jesse Panniers. Brand new never fitted £20.00 2) Black ABS small top box with Touratch like quick release plate, the plate is similar to this Touratech UK Webshop, but does not have a lock (but have the hole cut for one). The Box fits one...
  11. Tour of France, April 2009 - The report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After much planning and a few changes here and there, we set off, completed our trip and have returned. Here's a brief report. Suffice to say the weather was variable, the scenery wonderful, the riding superb and the company très sympa. Here's our first stop in France: And here's the...
  12. Help!! Help!! Help!!!

    Off to France for the April Bank Holiday camping and was wondering if anyone new of any bike meets/rallies etc that are on over there??? I have no plans as to where to go so i have an open canvas any ideas/ suggestions,I have bimbled around Normandy a fair bit and love the area so was aiming to...
  13. Scottish Section Highland Mini Meet

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What a day - wind at speeds greater than the capability of my 'ickle @, rain coming across the road, blown by the above wind! And just occasionally some of that bright stuff called "sunshine" (I may have spellt that wrong as I'm not used to using the word :D). Myself and Lowflyer met up at the...
  14. Centre Stand of Bike Lift??

    I wanted to canvas the views of those in the know:notworthy:. I am wondering whether to fit a centre stand to the TA or whether to buy a bike lift instead.:scratch: The downside I see with the bike lift is that you can't take it with you to do on the road maintenance, but then I have read...
  15. Camping challenge

    Can you go away for a wild outdoor camp, under canvas, with means for cooking and eating at 2 meals? The challenge being that everything has to fit in only your topbox.
  16. Want one...?

    Just as a thought... I'm gonna get this image put onto Canvas... 25'x25' Comes in at about £60-£70 + P&P If I get enough interest I might order a few... So any Takers? PM if your interested...
  17. TA - Tabula Rasa

    Hello, I have removed the stickers (a little chipped and tired) and now have a blank biking canvas. Any ideas on what to do with my beloved TA? I quite fancy a Paris Dakar style make over but am open to suggestions. Where can I get cool decals that are a little off-piste? What do you guys...
  18. Alpos pannier liners

    So, I've got some 36-l panniers on order from Caveman, to be fitted if and when Touratech UK supply the mounting kits :roll: What are people using for inner bags for the panniers?