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  1. Dear Pepe. I wish you were here.

    Dominator / FMX
    The last 3 holidays I’ve been on I wished I could have had my trusty nx650 with me as there is no restrictions to riding off road. I’m currently in Sal, Cape Verde and hired a quad bike and had loads of fun but it’s not the same as Pepe. I wish the UK was so accessible to use on a motorcycle, we...
  2. North Cape - because it's there!

    Hi all, Anyone on here thinking about planning a trip up north next year? Any tips would be most welcome, as would any route suggestions. Cheers, Dave.
  3. 1992 Paris Cape Town Rally

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I understand there wasnt a factory team in 92 .. really dont find much on the interweb.. looking for a few pixs of the non official bikes that entered. Did Honda provide the marathon that year, or was it earlier on the RD03 only.. any info welcome.. cheers Matt
  4. Off to Cape Town

    for work in October. I will "hopefully" manage a couple of days off work. Anyone familiar with the place? Any tips...? Please...?
  5. New member from Cape Town, RSA

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum. as the title says, i'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I bought my 2007 Transalp 650 about 6 months ago - my first dual sport bike. have done a few trips so far and i'm loving it! looking forward to chatting with you guys and sharing info! Cheers
  6. 400km's around the western cape.

    Africa Twin
    last night, I suggested we go for a ride. I decided on the cederberg area, just outside cape town. Before I knew it, we were back home and had done 400km for the day. I must admit. My rear is pretty tender right now. Luckily my fiance used the airhawk, but she taking it real bad. She cant...
  7. Devon to Cape Wrath

    Hi Folks, Off uup North this August (God and Wife willing) but do't fancy the hours of M'way dullness. Anyone got a fast scenic route I can use, even for some decent chunks to keep me feeling alive. I would love to just 'do' the coast(from Devon), but fear it would take the whole time, and...
  8. Cape Town - new Alp

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Glad to have found this forum. Have just bought an '08 Transalp with 800 km on it. Brand new and love the handling - so much more alive than my BMW K100RS. Shocked however, at the price of the 1000km service. According to them it needs valve clearances checked?? 4/5 hours they say. Should be a...
  9. 90,000km of touring in the Western Cape, South Africa

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A visual trip down memory lane covering 90,000km of touring in the Western Cape, South Africa, on the 2004 Transalp. Lots of pics - many never been published before. Come and see the show! Part 0ne. TransAlp Adventures - WhatsNew
  10. Howzit from sunny Cape Town

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hey guys - rookie here just joined the WRV forum and man i should have done so long ago. The info going around here is amazing so thanks to all you expert!!! currently owner of XR650R-2001 model as well as soon to be owner of XRV750 Africa Twin-2002 model so the XR is in me blood...
  11. W Cape RSA Du Touitskloof pass gravel

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took a short ride down a mountain side in the Western Cape South Africa. Take a look at For pictures and story.
  12. A ride with MacDuff - W Cape South Africa

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Recently took a ride with MacDuff. We went over Sir Lowrys pass and Highland road to Karweiderskraal and Caledon. From there along the Boontjieskraal road and Hawstonview to the van der Stel Pass to the Theewaterskloof dam and over the Franschoek pass. The ending was rather deflated. See the...
  13. TransAlp 2nd Birthday ride in the Cape South Africa

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, What d’ya know! My TA is 2 years old! I bought it to explore the roads around the Western Cape and that is what I do. Off I went along the N1 to Butterfly world – Klapmuts and then to Simondium in the shade by the church. Then over Franschoek pass for another stop on the downward...