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  1. XR
    just doing the valves on my 99 xr400 and in the gasket kit are 4 o rings but when i took the valve stem caps of there is no o ring in the maunual there is a pic of the o rings but cant find any on mine anyone help
  2. XR
    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  3. Africa Twin
    Just a little tip if your looking for a new cap for the swing arm bolt i found these work great. Just had to cut about 6mm off the length for it to fit flush...
  4. Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all and thanks for having me here,I hope someone can advise my 700 has a slight hesitation feeling when there’s no load or very little load on the engine between 2000 to just over 3000RPMs it ticks over spot on at about 1200 RPMs, new air filter NGK plugs and caps and there’s no change, and...
  5. Transalp
    hi lads finally fitted the NgK plug caps, im now an expert on removing the right hand panel , after fitting and removing it 3 times Pity the left hand side diidnt have as much care the previous owner must have broken the lug that holds the panel in , blue tack was doing the job, ill be on the...
  6. Transalp
    it stuttered and went to one pot at the traffic lights yesterday then cleared and was OK .rode it tonight and it is intermittent between tickover and 3000 rpm stuttering and going to one pot then clearing. i thought plugs and caps would be a good start but i am struggling to identify the caps...
  7. Transalp
    Just titivating my new to me 700, plugs caps air filter etc noticed the frame number label has Montessa Honda SA stamped on it which is great, I've got two mont 315r trials bikes :cool: but SA, South Africa?
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    I thought I would offer this up here for any Pentax aficionados A Pentax DA F4-5.6 ED WR50-200mm lens It is in great condition and the optics are perfect! Has always been stored with front and rear caps on. Comes with original box and paperwork Selling only as I am changing my system PM...
  9. Transalp
    I went to take off my top caps to check the oil levels. but have found one to be cross threaded!. it is very tight to move and on close inspection it is not right. not taken it off but I believe it will undo, But where can I buy one new or second hand. or do I buy a pair of preload adjustables...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi can anyone help with coil questions. I see there are some on eBay but listed as numbers 1-4, are they not the same coils with different leads and caps? If they are numbered how do I tell which number is which? Where's the best place for spares for this bike ? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Dominator / FMX
    If your looking for a cheep replacement i just fitted a 38mm one of these needed a tap home with a mallet so they shouldn't fall out and look ok ignore the used look of the bike in the photo :thumbup: Round Plastic Black Blanking End Cap Caps Tube Pipe Inserts Plug Bung Steel Leg | eBay
  12. Transalp
    hi can anyone tell me what size hex key I need for the 2 inspection caps on the engine to check the valve clearances please thx.
  13. Africa Twin
    As part of a full rebuild/ restoration of my @ (RD07A 99) I needed a full lock set, couldn't quite stretch to the £265 Honda want, and you never know what you will get used on flea bay. Anyway found a brand new OEM ignition barrel at a reasonable price just need to switch the tumblers in the...
  14. Bodgers Corner
    ave not done it yet but it jist came tae me the ither day... am only at the 5th page on the bodges.. BUT.. it will be a piece of plastic pipe wi two screw on end caps.. that will be solid enough to hold tools.. fishin rods... spears... or arrows... or jist about anythiing i feel that will...
  15. Africa Twin
    Overhauling the RD03's calipers. The two front pistons feature caps with some thermal shielding. Is the rear piston also supposed to have this? Mine doesn't. The following link leads me to believe it does not have one. Less heat created back there I suppose. Honda XRV 650 K Africa Twin 89 Rear...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    I have the above mentioned items, bought them but never used. You can have it for free (the postage is on you of course).
  17. Africa Twin
    so, anyone know what the part number is for the un-marked plug caps... other 2 p/number 30701MF5000, lings £24 or exactly the same £1.80 on ebay. thinking they were the same & without looking at the bikes i ordered the other 2 for the rd07a.... but they're different. (got spares now) done...
  18. XR
    Hi all, Just recently bought a 1993 XR600. Am having problems with the carburation, basically it won't rev out with the airbox connected. I've tried taking the snorkel out and it got a little better, but it will rev if I take the boot connector between carb and airbox off the carb. Have also...
  19. XR
    Brake bleeding was Always a job I hated doing so I bought one of those pumps that sucks the fluid through. Problem is though I still have spongy brake although the bike does stop eventually....! I find that when I bleed system I get through about halt a bottle of fluid as i cant seem to get rid...
  20. Dominator / FMX
    hi all.i'm sober for this post so i hopefully will be able to spell and not repeat to much as i did on my last post.i have now drilled my end cans out(2x22mm holes on each can.the holes overlap and look like a pair of tv binocular vision thingy.......dont know if that makes sense) and re-riveted...
1-20 of 33 Results