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  1. Two weeks off road in Romania captured in a 5min video!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi All, I've been looking around quite a lot on this forum, but now it's time to contribute. I thought you guys would enjoy the video from our Romanian adventure. Turn up the sound and enjoy! <a href="" target="_blank">
  2. ADV Scotlands 1st Rally - Steve T's Write Up

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What a weekend that was. Weather that most riders can only dream about. Roads that still require me to pinch myself when I ride them, to make sure I’m not hallucinating. And the company of like minded individuals to boot! The weekend started, as weekends do, on Friday morning, with the boxes...
  3. Fuel filter RD07

    Africa Twin
    Just fitting a Facet fuel pump and wondering if I can fit a different fuel filter with a clear window so if it's captured any crap from dodgy fuel outside Europe I can see it has and clean it. Sounds a good idea in theory but anyone know of a clear case fuel filter that's cleanable? Thanks in...
  4. Thetford Safari 17-18-19 May 2013 Ride and camp report.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I do hope that you enjoy reading the following as much as I am writing and recalling what was a fabulous weekend. Firstly thank you. A big thank you to the ATR team for organizing everything, Dan and Tom for the trail rides, and booking the site, plus Dan's BBQ, also thank you to Graham...
  5. Russian Convoy Boys.

    For years now my dad has been meeting his old Mine Sweeper shipmates (HMS Apollo) once a month down in Kennington. Much of his sailing was in the post war Baltic seas. Several years ago the Mine Sweepers and the Russian Convoy Club decided to join together as their numbers, for obvious reasons...
  6. thievin sheits

    A little video nasty! Motorbike Thieves | Where I captured the thieves on CCTV Please pass it on..........

    I don't get out much, but did on May 23rd. After an almost 7,000 mile spin on The Beloved, now back home and paying attention, my apologies if you've already seen this ... Motorbike Thieves | Where I captured the thieves on CCTV
  8. Here's one to bring Craig's urine to boiling point...

    I've had my head down in a project over the last couple of weeks and missed this story. Having just stumbled across this, I am gobsmacked! Have a look at the video here: Video: Attack on Rhea Page captured on CCTV in Leicester - Telegraph ...and then see the follow-up story here where this...
  9. Nippled out today

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    At lunchtime to do a few trails near home. Most of them were dead ends and ended up at fields but one of them was a couple of miles long we made it through to the far end. It was pretty boggy in places as judging by the hoof prints and poo it sees a fair bit of equine traffic. As ever the...
  10. Good Book

    Was browsing the books at Manchester Airport last week I bought a copy of "Two Wheels Through Terror" by Glen Heggstad. Great book. He left Palm Springs in California with the intention of riding down to the Souther tip of Argentina via the West coast of South America then riding back via the...
  11. Nanger National Park, NSW Australia

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took a ride last weekend in Nangar National Park, close to Canowindra NSW, Australia. There has been a lot of rain lately, and all the creeks were running water. My helmet cam captured the ride nicely, but ran out of batteries just as I got my Varadero bogged in a soft muddy creek. We were...
  12. RIP Dennis Hopper

    you really were 'born to be wild' you captured the spirit of my generation.
  13. Another TA700 exhaust bolt heads-up...

    I was just giving my bike a little look over yesterday - mainly to inspect my handiwork on fitting some paint protection film (from these people... Paint Protection Film - Diy Kits - Fully Installed - PPG Premier Paint Guard - one of their micro kits for bikes) on the back of the fuel tank. Then...
  14. Nice Picture for today

    A nice picture captured today, made into a Desktop Wallpaper. If anyone want to use it, no problem.. here cheers :thumbright:
  15. touratech rack extension

    Later models Varaderos have an absolutely crap rack that is next to impossible to get secure places to fit bungees or luggage straps. So, I took a chance on an offer from Iainnic in the sale/wanted forum and bought a Touratech rack extension for a TA700 hoping it would fit my 07 Vara. Good news...
  16. Bestest Christmas Present.

    Okay, I think I win the "Bestest Christmas Present" award for 2008. This has just been presented to me by my wife and is from her sister, and is, would you believe a calendar - but not any calendar......... Ladies, Gentlemen and XRVers in general, I give you the -...
  17. Thetford Chase, 15th November 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Responding to an invitation from Anton88 I decided to break my offroad duck with what I was reliably promised would be an easy day out along gentle tracks around Thetford. I met Anton88 close to Mildenhall. There were also a few Land Rovers meeting up with a similar plan in mind: After...
  18. Laos and Cambodia by Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  19. Technical Pics

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Whilst browsing the pics on my PC I realised that I've captured over the years some technical close up shots of the AT for various things but never uploaded them. I'm wondering how many pics we've all got stashed away. I'm going to upload all of mine so that they're saved for prosperity, and...
  20. Plucking

    The History of the Middle Finger Well,'s something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified. Isn't history more fun when you know something about it? Before the Battle...