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  1. Need some new calipers or refurb

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! Been a while since i last posted.. moved house, got a car, started a family etc, so the rebuild of the RD07A was put on hold... until now :) I am in need of either... some new (second hand) brake calipers (front and back) or info on where i can send my ones for a full refurb etc...
  2. XR400 Standard Indicator Relay

    Hi all, just joined here, need some help. Partners son has an xr400 that needs to get through an MOT. It has standard indicators with bulbs not LED ones and we are after locating a relay to get these working. For the life of us we can not locate one, can import one from Australia of all places...
  3. Damp Garage or Open Car Port?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Well its winter again here in northern Germany. Bloody freezing and damp. I have a choice of parking my pristine AT in a damp garage, which I air as much as possible, or under a car port where it will stay dry with no problem with air flow. The bike gets a coating of moisture in the...
  4. Sold my AT

    Africa Twin
    After a long search for KTM WP forks I ended up with 2 sets - 1 pair was attached to a very clean KTM 990 I sold the AT. Probably a mistake I know. Today, I bumped in to its' re-incarnation!
  5. How can I rescue this Dominator?

    Dominator / FMX
    For the last three years I have come in by bike and essentially parked in the same spot. Each day I ride past a bike in the car park which is completely covered. Only a slight gold wheel exposed. Today I noticed the bike had been moved slightly with more of the front wheel exposed as well as the...
  6. Help my key was nicked!!

    Dominator / FMX
    :mad: I own a honda vigor fx650y,built montessa honda factory spain 2000,first reg 2002,the one and only key was stolen from my home along with my car and household items(we were asleep,he was in our house for 30mins),i will have his thumbs if i find him,however i now need a key to start the...
  7. Has anyone tried one of these "programmable" CDI units?

    Transalp Digital CDI for Honda Transalp XL600V (PD06) and XRV650 Africa Twin (RD03) From €134.90 * * All prices incl. value added tax, excl. shipping costs Type: Information regarding the available types see below...
  8. CRF1000L Auxiliary lights

    Africa Twin
    Just completed a DIY install of some auxiliary lights. Some £11 Chinese specials were recommended on another bike forum. They came in 3 days from European stock. Great build quality - will see how long they last ... They come in two versions; Flood or Spot. I bought the Flood version...
  9. Various RD04 Parts

    What's it worth?
    Hi all, unfortunately my RD04 is RIP, after a head on at 60mph with an overtaking car in my lane (on a blind bend after midnight [emoji35]) Anyway, as I’m not likely to be replacing it with an XRV (or any bike in the near future) all the parts I had are up for sale. I’ll take any reasonable...
  10. 700 TA

    Hi, Got a 2008 700 TA in december, stuck it in the garage - the Mrs has then filled the garage with crap so I can't get in from the garden and the youngest's car has broken down in front so I can't get in the front, hence the possibly silly question. Want to get a paddock stand for it (cheaper...
  11. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07 1994 ENGINE

    For Sale / Wanted
    Africa twin engine 1994 cosmetically in excellent condition was bought by myself but never run, in my opinion has had a new output shaft fitted so I felt if someone took the time to replace the shaft it should be a superb engine if I needed one. The guy I bought it from said it was a good...
  12. Strange custom header, spare engine and Keihin flat slide carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought a 2006 FMX 650. Found this strange custom header in a box of spares that came with the bike. Anyone have any idea if they would fit or the performance etc. Also got a spare 650 engine and a Keihin 42mm flatslide carb ;-) The engine and carb will be sold later just want opinions if...
  13. Keihin flatside carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. I want to put my Dommie on the road as spring is just around the corner. I have fitted a flatside carb which was set up by Nick in Brum but I fitted a bell mouth on it and no ammount of adjustment will stop it backfiring and spitting. Nick advised me to put an air filter...
  14. bike camera

    Africa Twin
    Took delivery of my new bike camera yesterday, It has two cameras , pic capture , video , collision sensor , HD and was only £30.. Tested it out and the quality is pretty good, Takes a micro SD up to 32GB, does rolling carture and has low light mode
  15. Advice for bodging Pelicase as top-box on CRF1000

    Africa Twin
    So, I have a (cheap knock-off) Peli style box just sitting there unused in the shed - quite big, enough to probably fit 2 helmets in, possibly. Was intended for dSLR & lenses in boot of car etc., but using something else (a smaller, actual deli case) instead. So, was thinking of bolting it on...
  16. Coil Replacement - Yes or wait - Bike also hard to start

    Dominator / FMX
    Since changing the CDI my Dominator starts fine first thing in the morning, garaged over night, after work though she is a pig to start. Again garaged all day in a public car park. Messing about with different amounts of choke the bike backfires bad and then eventually starts. The only other...
  17. Wanted: Transalp 650 Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Took a fall last week as a car turned into me whilst overtaking. I am now in search for full left fairing and gauges/cluster to start off with. Radiator coolant was leaking, still to see if it needs to be changed or not. Any offers are appreciated. Cheers!
  18. bike been unused for about 1.5 years

    Dominator / FMX
    As stated above my 89 dominator engined special has gone unused for about 1.5 years apart from starting it about 6 months ago. Today I dragged it out and after charging the battery tried to start in.i could hear the relay click in but the starter did not spin.Thinking the battery was suspect I...
  19. CRF1000L - DIY Auxiliary Fuse Box

    Africa Twin
    If you've had a look at restricted access to the CRF1000L battery you may have come to the conclusion that wiring up your bike electrical accessories requires install of an auxiliary fuse box. I chose to put one under the pillion seat. Total cost about £25. I considered options (Eastern Beaver...
  20. Picos de Europa

    Last week, I was in the Picos. Don't get too jealous, though - i was in the car. Nevertheless, some superb roads and scenery. And while in Potes, I saw this Dominator. We travelled on the Plymouth - Santander ferry .... it's a 20ish hour journey but comfortable, and judging by the...