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  1. Carburation Questions

    Dominator / FMX
    So, last time I had the carb apart I put in a 55 slow jet As it turns out or seems atm a 55 is a little too much. Seems to run ok but tickover still a bit erratic Anyway, see if you can answer this If I leave it ticking over and then switch off the fuel, it seems to smooth out and the tickover...
  2. XRV 750 Carburation Revalation

    Africa Twin
    Ok so my AT was running a bit lumpy, dodgy starting and dicky tick over. Had a look through the forums and most suggested carb balancing, however I found one who I must thank when I find it again that suggested when the linkage connecting the 2 carbs becomes clogged up it can make one of the...
  3. Experience on improving carburation on RD07

    Africa Twin
    My 1996 RD07a runs a Remus Revolution muffler and I never experienced the bike with the stock muffler. Therefore I can't compare. The engine is healthy at 66,000km, burns no oil and I average 5l/100km (and even sometimes less on backroads). Sparkplug are grey-ish, not beige-ish ;-) Therefore I...
  4. 1993 XR help needed

    Hi all, Just recently bought a 1993 XR600. Am having problems with the carburation, basically it won't rev out with the airbox connected. I've tried taking the snorkel out and it got a little better, but it will rev if I take the boot connector between carb and airbox off the carb. Have also...
  5. TA 650 Poor Carburation.

    Hi All. Can anyone offer me any advice on poor carburation on my 07 alp, I have just booked it in for a checkup under warranty as it has a strange habit of coughing when I open the throttle after cruising for a while, it clears in about a second and then accelerates as normal, the bike has done...
  6. Carburation and cat.

    Hello there all alp owners, Ive had my 650 a year now but have just joined the site, been wondering if anyone has taken the cat off the exhaust and replaced it with a plain pipe?I am thinking the carburation will run weak?any info. welcome --------- Chris