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  1. For Sale: Transalp 600 carcass

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    NOT available
  2. Ricor Intiminators, Slugs and Mitas Tyres E10s and E09 Dakar

    Product Reviews
    Well I had the intiminators and slugs fitted and gave it a short run to the Yonderman with Dave, my lad in tow on the DR350 and then a proper run on the way down to the Welsh Invasion Initial impressions Slugs I have these set to raise the front up 40mm. This is as much as the cables and...
  3. Cornering angle advice on front TKC80 ( how low dare you go safetly on tarmac )

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    OK I know it depends on wet /dry temperature etc but just fitted my first TKC80 on the front of the dominator ( 21" 90/90 ) and after 6000 miles on the old heidenau K60 the feeling is a bit wierd . I know it's been said before that they feel a bit like you have a steering damper on at first and...
  4. Thanks Heidenau

    Africa Twin
    Just ready to replace my worn K60s. They've done just over 13,000 miles. The front is more worn than yours in the pic Tramp. I have similar tread left in the middle but less on the edges. The rear has 4mm left in the middle and 6mm at the very edge, however after a spirited early morning thrash...
  5. The most revolting town in Britain?

    Well I'm currently in Harlow and the thought has crossed my mind that this is perhaps the most revolting and dreary town in Britain. I did consider Luton and that is a close second but Harlow clinches it. 1)Nasty 60s architecture 2)Nastier station and bus station 3)Derelict offices 4)The...
  6. Free: SLR freebies

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Evening all...I have a complete(if very non standard and in bits) SLR rotting away in my back yard(I live near the sea so the air has got to it)...It has got 17" supermoto wheels (not sure on the width) laced to the standard hubs which might be of use to somebody on here...I'll be keeping the...
  7. Two days to Horizon's meeting adventure

    So there was i all prepared for the Horizons meet last Thursday. My girlfriend was not feeling well, so i told her to take it easy and we would leave tomorrow (Friday) On Friday we set off, we got as far junction 10 of the M11, i got a rear puncture(Puncture number 1). For those of you that...
  8. d*** f*** b******* and b***** it

    within 72 hours of fitting a new Tourance on the back, dug a 1.25" wood screw out of it :cry: Thing is, didn't go flat, as the screw went into a tread block at a shallow angle. Though it's about 30mm long I reckon it would have got 15mm penetration maximum, and with a 9mm tread block that's...
  9. Top Tips

    Here's some tips from one of the blokes at work that I know. He should write a book as he keeps coming out with them and they're soooo funny. 1. When in the safety of your own home, top your helmet up with fairy liquid, attach a straw to a can of Stella or Blackthorn and jump up and down a bit...