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  1. For Sale: Compact camera

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my compact camera it works and takes good image but has a fault with the card reader does detect the cards that well some times you have to jiggle the card when you put it in to get it to dectect the memory stick. It's 3.2 mega pixels any sensible offer
  2. The Official Tax Dodge of the 2012 Olympic Games?

    Enough to make you cynical eh?....Luckily, I'm immune. :hitler: 38 Degrees | Olympic Tax Dodging petition If you go..don't forget....You can ONLY use VISA cards (the official card of the 2012 Olympics) :rolleyes: Bless...:color:
  3. New bike in the Beddows Stable

    Its been on the cards for a while now but I had the pleasure in picking up Ffions Baby Vara last night. Some snaps and vids over on ABR My Baby Vara Great bike for Ffi to learn on.
  4. Euros, Sterling, Cards ???

    The Longest Day
    Hi, Just had a thought (1st time for everything) I'm going to need Euros for Ireland!!! Better get to the post office at some point in the next few days! Can't believe I'v only just realised that..... Axe.
  5. Cards NOT Cash???

    I read this article today with interest, and wondered what outcome would be if cash really did disappear from circulation in the UK?? BBC News - Cash is being 'replaced by cards' On a £10 Bank of England note are the words "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of Ten Pounds" and I...
  6. Donor cards

    A recent thread by Datsun Fan got me thinking how many carry a donor card and what's your thoughts behind them me, yep if I can help with left over bits they can have what what they want, give the rest to the zoo
  7. Membership Stickers and MAG Membership Cards

    Got mine and its on allready was I the first or have I missed the other 6 hundred threads:thumbright::thumbright::thumbright: