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  1. Transalp
    Hi All, I have been looking at the requirements for ULEZ bikes, and I cannot work out if my 600 will pass or not? I called Honda and they cannot give me a CoC for the bike (too old). Has anyone had the emissions (I think it is only the NoX output that they care about?!) tested? Am I able to get...
  2. Africa Twin
    My first Post... I have just aquired an RD 03 vin # RD03 10004xx to keep my crf1000 dct company in the garage. It is 99% original but needs just a little care to make it excellent. Question.. Was this bike an early Japanese domestic build ? It does have a “speed” light and I think Japan...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i was busy tinkering in the garage when i remomoved the bash plate from my twin just to see whats what really ,anyhow i have started to fabricate a carbon fiber copy form the original i should have it done after my holidays all being good ..Would anyone be interested if i can replicate...
  4. Transalp
    hi lads finally fitted the NgK plug caps, im now an expert on removing the right hand panel , after fitting and removing it 3 times Pity the left hand side diidnt have as much care the previous owner must have broken the lug that holds the panel in , blue tack was doing the job, ill be on the...
  5. Product Reviews
    Anyone got views on this. Are chain oilers worth having for normal road use? Views appreciated
  6. Dominator / FMX
    I've now had my first short ride on the SLR and enjoyed it very much. It's so much lighter, narrower and more chuckable than the Strom. However, having EFI on my last 2 bikes has spoiled me a little. The SLR has a stumble just coming off idle which is a bit annoying. It feels as though it's a...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    As title, only need the brackets as I already have the pannier mounts. Don't care if they are rusty or in need of repair. I know this is a long shot but you never know! Lol Or if anyone knows where I can buy a set, let me know. Cheers
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    bigtrailie • View topic - Well done Guy Martin I posted this on Big Trailie, thought you guys might want a squint :D I guess I'm just too bone idle to re type again, take care chappies :blob8:
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi, so I'm selling my gsxr 750 tomorrow to buy a 2002 RDo7a from a friend of mine. the bike is in pristine condition well taken care of. the owner is a specialist mech and has worked for both bmw and harley. Been on the forum for a couple of weeks learning about this awesome machine. now my...
  10. Africa Twin
    lads i'm dithering about trying to figure out where to mount the scottoiler on my rd04 anyone care to share where they mounted theirs and where they took the vac feed from?
  11. Accessories
    I'm certainly not much of a bike polisher but my 05 Varadero came with a Bagster tank protector so I might as well look after it. What special care does it need or can I just wash it when I wash the rest of the bike?
  12. Africa Twin
    (Cross posted on advrider) Anyone care to express an opinion as to what's going on with the battery compartment here? It's real messy with some weirdly placed fuses. Figured I'd post here before start tinkering and blowing stuff up.
  13. Transalp
    Well having pestered a certain someone on here I have managed to get the bike going,stripped the loom twice and cleaned all connectors and it's fired up, I can't say what was at fault though, but it's running and life's too short to care.. Bring on the winter now, any tips on where's best to get...
  14. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    weather has finaly gone to the dogs spin?????????????? don,t care when or where will travel sod it with in reason:thumbup::thumbup:
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Broadchurch........a mini series so good that I don't care if I never see another series like it! :icon_smile:
  16. Africa Twin
    Anyone used this company and would care to comment on them? They're offering a pretty good price at the mo.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone with an iPhone care to test my phone app for bikers? It's free in the app store and called the-zebra. I'm after any Gremlins or any quick fixes so if you spot any, let me know so I can sort them. I'll owe you a beer. Screenshot iPhone5 by whealie, on Flickr
  18. Transalp
    Well, after over 6 years of ownership and use by me and both of my sons, covering a measly 26k miles in our care over that time, tomorrow a mans coming to take the old girl away :( But with any luck I'll be able to keep an eye on the old girl - the chaps thinking of attending Galloway next...
1-18 of 42 Results