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  1. Once is careless

    Twice is downright daft. OK so I've been out for a run on the old Beemer and I return to a packed garage with four biles already there with my lads f650 blocking the door so I set about moving it forward a bit to free up the space at the door. Rolled it off the mainstand, forward a bit then...

    It seems not looking where you are going isn't even careless now. from SMIDSY biker killer cleared - Motorcycle news : General news - Visordown
  3. Need help on installing Africa Queens crash bars!

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads I'm about to install my Africa Queens crash bars, and I'm staring at the parts, but don't see an obvious way to put them together ... There's a slight chance that the beers from last night is hampering my clear sight .. I've checked their website, but being so extravagantly poorly...
  4. water in the exhaust?!

    Hi, was washing the alp 650 yesterday, After spraying on some muc off onto the rear wheel to clean of old lube fly off etc. I washed off the back end with a hosepipe set on a heavy spray. Afterwards the bike wouldnt start but would turnover until I heard a big bang from the rear end. It sounded...
  5. Ford key

    Not a bike thing but you lot on here are very adaptable if not knowledgeable. I only have one key with my Focus and have already been silly/careless enough to lock it inside, gladly I got away with that with help from a passing locksmith. Maybe there are angles after all. So I went into Timsons...
  6. One for Vader - BBQ on bikes

    Motorcyclist wearing barbecue on motorway fined for careless driving - Telegraph
  7. Promise: no more speed cameras

    Nich Brown, general secretary of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), says he does not believe transport minister Philip Hammond’s claim he will not fund any more speed cameras and will tackle a 14-year ‘war’ on motorists. But the BMF said it was “good news indeed”. MAG’s Brown said...
  8. Harriet Harman - A criminal according to The Times

    According to this article... Harriet Harman pleads guilty to careless driving - Times Online The Times says: "Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman today became the first serving Cabinet minister in memory to plead guilty to a criminal charge after admitting driving without due care and...
  9. Help with Indicator Bar

    Africa Twin
    Hi - I managed to drop my 1992 XRV 750 - yep careless - and I snapped the bar that holds the front indicators. I have been quorted a vile price from the agents and I would like to source a cheaper replacement. I am in Hong Kong but there is post and anyway the replacement needs to come from...
  10. Lights and clutch use.

    Two issues for discussion here. In relation to lights, I have mine on all the time. I ride almost exclusively in town, usually during the day, and it just strikes me as sensible to maximise my visibility. I tend to think that a head-light during the day is more likely to catch the careless...
  11. Not the sharpest tool in the box

    DOH But it does serve to remind me I will never get my head around sentencing laws in this country. He gets 6 years for dealing drugs. A driver, most probably looking at his laptop at the time for directions, gets 3 years (which equals 18 months real time) for slaughtering a family of 6 by...
  12. Picture of New Panniers for my TA

    Hi everyone, thought i would post a pic of the panniers that just got put on.... Had a 12,000km service and got them to attach all the accessories aswell....Got them to put a K&N filter, handle bar risers and new BT-45 tyres... I have a touring screen to go on aswell, but waiting to get the...
  13. I Know A Secret ......... SHHHHHHH !!!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I know a secret ORANGE thing !!! but I can't say , careless talk can cost lives you know ? I couldn't possibly tell. Well OK then you twisted my arm !!! Scottoiler are, as you may know, a Glasgow based company and they have been asked by KTM to develop a special KTM range of oilers and YES...
  14. no 3rd gear

    Africa Twin
    How careless. Where did you leave it?