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  1. Hi everyone !

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi ! I'm a new member from France (in Auvergne, in the center of the country) First of all, I want to apologize for my poor english (kind of a french tradition, I think...) I ride a 1988 gold honda dominator, I keep it as a "collector". I also love VW bugs (I own a 1303 super beetle), and old...
  2. Looking at à 600

    Thinking of buying a 600TA and have seen this one The owner has sent me a photo of the frame number (looks exactly how it should) to check with hpi. However the bike is registered as blue, when I would...
  3. HowManyLeft

    Africa Twin
    Saw this on the real Top Gear (now called GrandTour). It was related to cars, but it does bikes too :-)✓&q=honda+xrv750
  4. Thermostat cheaper option

    Africa Twin
    OK people bike apart , took thermostat out and that what I found So need new , Honda OEM just crazy prices £39-51 , Anyone know alternative ? Going to local motor factor see if I can match one from Honda cars made by blue print or what ever .... But in mean time if anyone have info please...
  5. FX650 Air Cutoff Valve

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone managed to find a source for the diaphragm in the air cut off valve (just above throttle cable on right of carb) I have a slightly damaged one and baulking at the £110 Honda want for one Part #9 on Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda...
  6. Shipping Car From Germany

    Hi everybody. i'm moving out of the country for a short while and that i wish to require my cars with American state. They are 1. 2000 Toyota above atomic number 11 with greedy exhaust 2. 1975 VW minibus I am curious to understand, however am i able to check if my above can pass their...
  7. Oil seal removal

    Has anyone any suggestions on how to remove the oil seal from the right hand crankcase? It's the seal part 11 on here: Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda Motorcycle Parts selection | Honda Bike XL700VA9 | RIGHT CRANKCASE COVER Cheers Karl
  8. For Sale: 1999 Varadero with loads of extras.

    For Sale / Wanted
  9. For Sale: 2000 Honda XR400

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  10. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Oh no not again. This is my new AT battery. It's a 4 cell pack of 15Ah capacity. It weighs less than 2kg and if I'm honest it scares me a little since those cells will discharge happily at 150A. It cost less than 100GBP. Whilst bits are painted plated or otherwise fettled I'm getting on with...
  11. AT swingarm £150

    Africa Twin
    Whilst browsing, found ... Honda Parts Search | Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda Share and Enjoy !
  12. For Sale: Honda NC 750s

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, My brother is selling his Honda NC 750, its a great bike - anyone interested please PM me. Popped it on here as the family are moving house hence the sale. Hoping this will help him out. Bike in Newport on Tay, nr Dundee or if it helps, I can get the bike to Newcastle. Link...
  13. Approaching Calais

    News reports of desperate fellows, intent upon getting across the water to the Uk, attempting to gain access to cars, vans and trucks that are queuing for the ferry at Calais. During their approach to the Calais ferry/tunnel terminals, have any returning motorcyclists experienced problems with...
  14. Speed cameras

    Hi guys i think i got done by a speed camera today,i was doing about 60 on a 50 dual carriageway.It was one of those vans with black windows at the back with the camera inside,so how does it work with bikes as i obviously have no front number? If they have a camera in the front of the van i am...
  15. Rear sprocket noise arrester.

    Africa Twin
    On the oem rear sprocket according to this (no 4) Honda Motorcycle Parts / Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda there is a "noise arrester" on the rear sprocket,my A/T has oem chain and sprockets but not the noise arrester,has anyone got one...
  16. Naughty me !

    I can't help myself when cars at the lights try to blow me and my trusty steed off the lights. Tonight it was an flash black Audi S4 , I gave him the benefit of pulling away first just to see if he was up to it and then unleashed the Vara and put him in his place , not once but twice. You would...
  17. For Sale: XLV750 on gumtree

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    saw this on gumtree whilst searching for other things HONDA XLV750R VINTAGE ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLE | Leeds City Centre | Gumtree Nothing to do with me.
  18. best oil for the Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi all maybe its an old repeated topic , i would like to know the best oil for my At its around 38000 miles and i leave in Egypt (hot climate ) average of 30s year round its hardly to get motorbike oil over here so i use cars oil any hint what is the best oil for it so i can get much much...
  19. Motorcycle Trailer

    Bodgers Corner
    A mate of mine built this one. Parts from cars and mopeds. We loaded it ful of Herring, potatoes and beer and drove out to: Midsummer time you know. :p
  20. Front fairing subframe??

    Africa Twin
    Can any of you please tell me if an RD front subframe will work on my 1993 RD07?? If so does anyone have one for sale?? If you could email me it would be easier for me. [email protected]