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  1. Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Can anyone tell me or even better show me pictures of the differences between magneto rotors on an RD04, RD07 or transalp. The motor I bought a while ago only had one pulse coil and the magneto has eight little bumps near the edge. My motor has two pulse coils now as per the recesses in the...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi all, i am new to this site and need some of your collective wisdom. i am rebuilding my RD07A and have come across unusual wear on the inside of the crank cases that looks like the crank rubbing against them. I cannot find any thrust washers or any method of adjusting crank lateral movement. i...
  3. Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Putting casing back on after blasting + powder coating. Kept all bolts in position through a piece of cardboard. One of the 3 long bolts that holds the outside cover of the stater / pick-up cover on has a copper washer on it. I cannot remember putting it on the bolt, but must have done !! Does...
  4. Africa Twin
    I'm having trouble removing the inner speedo cable on my AT. It broke about 30cm from the top and I am trying to push the old one up from the hub end and it doesn't budge. I've been somewhat forceful and no go. it spins however. Also worth noting that I have spayed a bunch of WD40 in the casing...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    A NOS Gasket Left hand engine casing for RD04, 07, 07A The RR listing is here... Yours for the price of a pint plus the postage!
  6. Africa Twin
    Funny noise coming from clutch side. Hard to describe noise but someone told me the clutch bearing. Took casing off and the basket and bearing looks and feels fine. I notice the oil pump chain seems very slack. Is this supposed to be like this ? Regards, Tim.
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    What you see is what you get. Good used condition £20 posted or you can collect from South Wales
  8. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    What you see is what you get. Good used condition £25 posted or you can collect from South Wales
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Hi again oh knowledgeable ones Here is my next issue that needs attention. The left hand engine casing is corroded and pitted. I can sort that out easily enough but the finish on my casings looks to be a grey brown tint. Is this a spray paint finish or liquor? Can I get that same finish? I know...
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, A couple of years ago, my tripmaster died and I then sold the casing for it as it was still in mint condition. This week I got my hands on a new tripmaster, however, the casing is broken, and looks awful and leaks water when raining. I'm therefore looking for a casing to a tripmaster...
  11. Africa Twin
    The Africa twin motors were derived from the 500cc VT motors, as used in the Ascot VT500 and the Custom VT500C. Those bikes have a 6 speed transmission. HAs anyone checked if the transmission shafts and gears could be fitted into an AT casing?
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Anyone on this forum recondition AT engines, preferably in the south (but not essential) mine needs some new bearings in the casing? Ian
  13. Africa Twin
    The coating on the clutch casing on my RDO7 is peeling away and needs some love and affection. Anybody got any experience / recommendations for this? Wink
  14. Africa Twin
    My speedo stopped working on the way home yesterday. Stripped the outer and inner off the bike and all's OK. Lifted the front wheel and spun it but the receiver shaft inside the speedo casing is not turning, so I assume its kaput. Anywhere I can source a new one please? Cheers Ysbyty
  15. Africa Twin
    hi lads got a leak on the water pump casing and what i need to no is if i take the water pump off do i need to drain the oil and is it a hard job to do.... also could the casing be alloy welded along the hairline crack... or has anyone got a quick guide in stages to taking the water pump off...
  16. Africa Twin
    My @ has not got the standard indicators fitted and have been offered a set from a CB500,the lens and casing look exactly the same as @ ones but can anyone tell me the overall length of a standard @ indicator and are they all the same length front and rear as the CB500 ones look a little long...
  17. Accessories
    Hi Peeps Just had 2 of these fitted and they are great I have 2 questions regarding the orientation of the diffuser lenses that they came with Should the lines on the lenses be vertical or horizontal? (at present they are horizontal) Can they be changed around? - I took the screws out of the...
  18. Africa Twin
    On my newly acquired A/T the clutch and gen casings have a bit of corrosion on them and I'm thinking of stripping them and repainting them,are the casings the same for all the 750 models as I've seen some cheap ones come up on ebay from time to time and was thinking of getting a pair to...
  19. Africa Twin
    I wondered if anyone knows what the loose part was that I found when removing the plastic front sprocket cover please? It looks a bit like a battery earth metal strap. The cover has the metal part behind to stop the chain eating the casing if it slaps or comes off but whats the seperate small...
  20. Transalp
    Good evening people. The other evening a changed the front sprocket for a 16 tooth. When I removed the old sprocket the retaining plate was bolted to the flat side of the sprocket. Once I removed I noticed a cut out in the back that matched the retaining plate. Was the sprocket on the wrong way...
1-20 of 36 Results