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  1. new to crf ! which oil ?

    CRF Technical Specs
    hi guys, iv just bought a 05 crf450r and its the first time iv owned a crosser and i want to do a oil change on both sides! whats best ? im thinking castrol power 1 semi 10/40, thanks chris
  2. cheap oil at tesco

    Giving a heads up to everyone how likes castrol power 1 10:40 fully synthetic. Tesco (petrol stations only) on offer at 2.50 lt! (Down from £12.00) bargain to be had. Happy days.
  3. Halfords Castrol Oil

    Discounts / Deals
    Halfords are selling Castrol oils cheaply both 4 ltr the semi-synthetic Power one for £23-09 Fully synthetic for £25-89 No idea how long this runs.
  4. what engine oil

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    who"s right, do i use castrol power 1 racing 10w 30 full synthetic or castrol power 1 10w 30 part synthetic this is from two different HONDA dealers, this is for my crosstourer 1200x, some say its just down to money and some say about clutch slip ???
  5. Motorcycle oil

    Will be doing an oil change soon for my '07 Transalp...which is the best oil available? I have these 3 in mind: Castrol Power 1 15w-50, Shell Advance VSX4 10W-40 and Silkolene Super 4 10W-40. All three are synthetic based. Thanks for any thoughts!
  6. (V.Cheap) Castrol Power-1 10w40 Oil

    Great deal on eBay at the mo, thought I would share :thumbup: Some company that re-sells undelivered goods, unwanted gifts, etc etc. is selling 4L Castrol Power 1 GPS 10w40 for £20.99 on eBay. I has got some! :thumbright: 8 left for you lot... Castrol Power 1 GPS 4T 10W/40 Motorcycle Oil...
  7. Clearance on Castrol motorbike oils

    Folks, We've added a Clearance section to our web site where you can buy motorcycle oils we're over-stocked on or are clearing down. In the clearance section at the moment, we've a selection of Castrol 4 stroke and 2 stroke oils at substantially reduced prices, and your 10% club discount...
  8. Castrol Power 1 Oil - red in colour ?

    Mechanical Advice
    I just bought some Castrol Power 1 GPS 4T 10w-30 so I can change the oil in my TA700. I've never used this particular product before and I was taken back by its colour. It's not amber, like all oil I have ever used before, instead it's more of a red colour. Does this sound ok to you ?