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  1. What is this inside my petrol tank?

    Found this inside my petrol tank. Its a magnet inside a plastic housing. Some sort of debris catcher? Anyone seen one before? Or maybe one of those "petrol energizer" gadgets. Might just put it back. It hasn't caused any problems in the 5 years I've had the bike. Sorry about the trebled...
  2. Airfilter

    Had the TA for six years now, thought I'd change the airfilter. not sure where the nuts came from, none in my garden.
  3. Kendal Mint Cake

    Got my free Kendal Mint Cake.
  4. Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero...

    Bodgers Corner
    Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero... (now with pics) Seeing as it decided to ruin my plans of a ride out today by snowing again I thought I would have a look to see if its possible to put in a deflecter on the baby Vara in the same way people have on its big Brother. Unfortunately theres nowhere...
  5. crud catcher

    Dominator / FMX
    hello chaps. lookin under my seat and noticed the mud catcher/ rubber flap thingumy is all worn away. take it they're replacable. can you get summat better? big plastic catcher that looks cool rather than a rubber flappy thing?! cheers.:thumbleft: