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  1. SOLD category C write off xl650 v4

    ​Hi all,<br>last week an idiot driving a flash Audi has hit me while I was going through a green light through the junction in North London. My beloved black 04, beautiful, well looked after, clean Transalp has now been written off as CAT C. Damaged is: front fender, top right fairing, and a few...
  2. Possible Transalp replacement in 2017?

    Yamaha MT-07 Ténéré spiedYamaha’s secret XT700Z Ténéré spotted being tested in Italy Posted: 13 April 2016 by Visordown News WE’RE still waiting for Yamaha to launch the MT-07 Tracer spied last year and already another variation on the theme has been spotted – this MT-07-powered...
  3. The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015.

    Africa Twin
    Honda Press release today: The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015. Honda is delighted to announce the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names – the Africa Twin. Having clearly shown the direction of its development and intent with the...
  4. Mitas E-07. Any good on a Vara?

    I'm going to be doing the Spanish HISS twice this year, the May trip to Aragon is not going to be as demanding off road as Catalonia in September, so I am pondering taking the Vara as there will be a lot of road work going out from St Malo. Any thoughts on the Mitas E-07 F&R on the Vara? I have...
  5. DIY Fiche-A parts fiche for your Honda

    Bodgers Corner
    I have recently been doing some reseach on my honda CT90 and posted this method of creating your own parts fiche on their site. Many part suppliers have online part listings but many do not use the Honda part numbers- Bike Bandit, or do no have any numbers-CMSNL. However some do use Honda’s own...
  6. Two guys from Finland to UK in 7. July, need some advice.

    Hi! I and my friend are coming to UK in 7. July. We will drive up to Scotland. Maybe take a tour to visit some Whisky distilleries? We are staying in UK 4-5 days. Can you help us to find some nice unpaved roads? Maybe some roads with little challence to drive through? (NOT Swamp ;o) ) We...
  7. Chain length for custom config

    Hello, it time for me to change the chain kit so I was thinking if I change it maybe I can make a change on the drive ratio for lower rpms: Original configuration is: 15 tooth front sprocket + 118 links chain + rear sprocket 48 tooth Configuration that I want: 15 tooth front sprocket + 112...
  8. New bike test rules from 19th January 2013

    Routes to Your motorcycle / scooter Licence 19th January 2013 will see the introduction of the 3rd Driving Licence Directive (or 3DLD). The 3DLD will see several changes to the way the motorcycle licence system works, most notably the changes to age restrictions in each licence category...
  9. Hello ! Newbie here :)

    Hi All, I'm a newbie, thought I would introduce myself and say hi. I live in Newcastle and went back to biking in 2005. Been through a Diversion, VFR750, Daytona 955i, but after too much pain in the knees and neck (getting old you know!), decided to try and grab a Transalp. I love touring...
  10. honda nx650 vs yamaha ttr600e for sumo conversion

    Dominator / FMX
    hello i am recently looking for a bike that i will use daily for 40 miles general road commuting on weekends maybe some dirt, for the dirt i will be having differenet set of wheels. i found these 2 mostly i like honda dominator nx650 model 1999 or yamaha ttr600e model 2000 but those...
  11. Kitchen utensils which can also be employed in the garage

    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  12. New AT rider... and a question

    Africa Twin
    Hi to everyone at the forum, I'm a new member and a new AT owner. I's a black 2000 RD07a, practically mint with just 17000 km on the clock... I know, I was lucky. I come from a fairly long line of bikes, and wanted to try the "big enduro experience" from the... beginning (considering the AT an...
  13. DVLA - Licence renewed and motorcycle entitlement debacle from a different angle!

    I think we've all read before about the DVLA errors (read horrors) when renewing a licence and having it returned missing entitlements, sometimes HGV but mostly Category A motorcycle entitlements, in some cases resulting in having to take a test again as they wouldn't admit their mistake. Well...
  14. DROOOOL !

    Africa Twin
    Came across this today. Has the guys arm been ripped off yet ? Les Camper Vans (272) MOTORCYCLES Aermacchi (4) AJS (19) Any (1) Aprilia (12) Ardie (1) Ariel (24) Benelli (28) Bimota (7) BMW (53) Bond (1) BSA (112) Buell (1) Bultaco (7) Cafe Racer (2) Cagiva (2) Can Am (2) Coventry...
  15. Vara engine bars on offer

    Bykebitz have a set of shopsoiled Givi engine protector bars for a 03-05 Vara. Might be of interest to someone?
  16. SLR Street tracker

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there! A year ago i got trigged by reading this forum to build a tracker. Off course we all know the nice examples from the NX, but i chose the SLR as a base. So after a year i present you the result off those influence. With help from a local shop we got to this! I want to mention the...
  17. Yeeha! Nothing goes like a hire car...

    I was investigating hire car options last night for my up-coming California Roadtrip, look what I found on the Hertz site... Hertz - Vehicle Guide It's a throwback to the 60's when Hertz offered the black and gold Shelby Mustangs, people used to rent them on the friday, race at the weekend and...
  18. Fuel Exhausts ??

    Anyone fitted a Fuel Exhaust to their 700 ? Look pretty decent and no need for remapping plus at around £160 they sound good value. Honda Transalp XL700 Exhaust | Fuel Exhausts
  19. Totally rookie rider - some tech help wanted, any extra advice welcome as well

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello everyone! I very recently happened upon a low cost purchase opportunity. A friend of mine is moving to another European country for a new job and he was looking to sell his FMX 650. I've been on the bike as a passenger quite a few times, he's someone i trust (so i knew he wasn't lying...
  20. £50 off TCX Infinity boots at Get Geared

    Discounts / Deals
    just had an email from Get Geared and they have TCX Infinity boots at £189.95 (£50 Off) there's discounts on other TCX boots too Search Results