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  1. 3 way bottom shock mount.

    Africa Twin
    Does any one have one of these for an RDO4 please ? the one i fitted for an RD07 is causing me a few problems. it fits on the bottom of the rear shock Also im after one of those stickers below for the front or know where i can get one please.
  2. Back firing

    Hi , anyone got an idea what could be causing my 2004 varadero to back fire , it happens on the over run when I close the throttle and coast in gear at about 2500 rpm . Chris
  3. Wrong (too low) tacho reading

    Africa Twin
    Hi! It seems my tacho is showing the RPM wrong. When idling at ~1000rpm, the tacho stays at 0 and just vibrates slightly. As soon as I open the throttle it moves upwards quickly, but doesn't catch up properly until around 4-5000 rpm. Any ideas what may be causing this? I think it's always been...
  4. Exhaust chirping

    Africa Twin
    My RD07 has a somewhat annoying chirp from the end can. I remember hearing the same from another RD07 this summer. Any ideas what's causing this?
  5. 30amp fuse melted

    Africa Twin
    Edit: if you are reading this because you have had a spam email from the site's new owner, VS, I apologise. They did not ask me, even though I was a moderator for years and spent thousands of my own money printing T-shirts for National Meets. They have my details. They could have asked first...
  6. Wanted: lmf front wheel,

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi all,anyone out there got a straight gold lmf front wheel for sale?mines buckled and causing horrible vibes over 60mph,help!,marko
  7. Dommie Battery Voltage

    Dominator / FMX
    Dead Dommie, no lights nothing. Batt 12.8 volts disconnected. 2 volts connected with ignition on. Drops to 1 volt if i press horn etc. is the battery duff or could something else be causing this. Cheers.
  8. Whats a bikers life worth ???????

    AN 18 MTH COMMUNITY ORDER, SO IT SEEMS Pensioner admits causing collision which killed Camborne motorcyclist Michael Harrison | West Briton Where's the justice??????????????????
  9. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh electrics

    Africa Twin
    My bike is charging fine then not charging and then charging then not. Doing the multimeter test I get 14.3 no lights and then 13.8 with lights, then 13.2,12.9,13.6,13.2,12.8,13.5 etc etc, up and down like a yoyo, what can be causing the undulations in the charging circuit.
  10. Wanted: xl600lmf front wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    morning,any of you chaps got a xl 600 lmf front wheel for sale as mine is buckled and causing the mother of all vibes over 55mph,cheers marko
  11. No dipped beam???

    Africa Twin
    And so it continues!!!! :cussing: If my headlights are working but the dipped beam is not working (but the bulb is fine), what could be causing this? Thanks.
  12. Is this normal ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi The speedometer needle on my RD07A starts flickering from around 40mph ( quite smooth up to then ) and is most pronounced at just beyond 60 mph (nothing excessive but noticeable). I was wondering is this normal or is there something causing it ? Thanks for any advice :thumbright:
  13. High/low beam switch sticking

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, The maintenace of the bike continues.....has anyone had any problems with the high/low beam sticking when on high beam and trying to depress it to low beam. I have taken it apart and nothing apparent causing it. Obviously there is a channel on the underneath of the red button to catch...
  14. Wanted: Spark plug lead

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Dudes, I need an o/s rear spark plug lead for a 2002 Africa Twin, to beg,borrow or buy so that I can check if this is what's causing the bad running of my bike. cheers, Bob.
  15. Viagra or BMW ?

    Man Sues BMW for Causing Erection – No, Seriously -
  16. Wanted: Front sidelights for RD07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have a pair of sidelights with the wiring for the front of an RD07a? Mine were missing when I bought it, and I think it's causing condensation in the reflectors. Thanks, Tim.
  17. Help!!!

    Africa Twin
    Help I need a proper workshop manual for my XRV 750 1991, this bike was purchased in bits so most of the rebuilt is easy, but a lot of little fiddly bits and routing of pipes and cables etc are causing problems, i've purchased a Haynes Manual which is ok bit need more detail ,any suggestions...
  18. Aftermarket Exhaust Causing Carb Troubles??

    Africa Twin
    Hello, For some time now I have been having carb trouble, and have been posting about it on another thread, ( In a nutshell, my carb has only 46000 km on it, and already there is freeplay on the throttle...
  19. New boots causing problems

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi. Finally, after 12 years, my trusty Frank Thomas boots have given up the unequal struggle with my feet. There was no Araldite fix for them this time. So, with a heavy heart and an emptied bank account, I needed to invest in a suitable replacement. I'd always fancied a motocross style of...