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  1. Calling Caveman

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm trying to get hold of Caveman, the guy who sells/fits panniers etc through EICB. I've tried to PM him but his inbox is full and will not accept any new messages!!!! Its fairly urgent as I'm about to buy some secondhand panniers, but have just read a thread that makes me think that I...
  2. Calling Caveman

    Anyone know what happened to Paul, have tried a couple of other bike sites but he seems to have vanished??
  3. Caveman - EIBC Ltd

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    All, We haven't heard from Paul Cave aka Caveman in a while. He was last on the site in July so hasn't been around for a while. We've often wondered what has happened to him, and I know a few people have tried to contact him myself included with little success. There have been various rumours...
  4. motad bars for me alp from caveman

    finished fitting my motad bars that I ordered from caveman .. rushed them last night, and wasn't happy with the set-up secret is to fit them all loose then centre the and clamp the plate with the two u bolty things first as this centres the bars to give equal space to put the side panels...
  5. EBC Brake pad question for Caveman

    Africa Twin
    Paul, i know you sell the EBC brand and you in fact gave me some p/n's awhile back. From the attached pic can you tell me if these USA made EBC pads are compatible for my '99 AT. From the Desc# they are FA185R metallic pad. The Honda dealer here in Calgary claim they are equivelant to the OEM...
  6. More SW-Motech: Caveman strikes again

    Africa Twin
    Gosh, this is turning into the 'SW-Motech pannier system' forum. I just completed a very wet 120-mile round trip to Paul Cave who supplied and fitted the SW-Motech/Alpos combination at two days' notice. Paul had prepared everything in advance and it only took two cups of tea to fit, even...