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  1. Differance in carbs on the VT 1996 model?

    Hi! I am looking for a rebuild kit for my XL600v 1996.......I have found several kits running 1987-95, but none for my 96. I see that the mains are different, but are there anything else? Can I buy a kit for a 95 and just switch the mains for the 118\120 jets? I have used Sirius before on my...
  2. Buying a Transalp xl600v 1996....?

    Hi! First post is a cry for help\advice......I have a 1996 xl600v that I can buy for a ok price, but the bike looks really bad. It has been roling 68000km and have had a few standing still tipping over accidents. It has been all over the world and it shows. :( The engine cranks over and starts...
  3. CB400F Cafe Racer finished & for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently finished, now mot'd and taxed. Will be placing on e-bay v. soon - will put a link on when its up if anyones interested. Taken it out for a few rides - i'm a bit too tall for it, but its a fekin laugh, and makes me want a sports bike again :D Before and after pics...