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  1. xl 700v panniers still available ?

    Just got meself a 2012 TA and would like original honda panniers Can they still be sourced from anyone Will cbf or varadero panniers fit on TA pannier stays Thanks
  2. Wanted: cbf 250 engine

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    :blob::blob2::rolleyes:hi I know this is a long shot but looking for a cbf250 engine any help appreciated thanks jim
  3. 2008 cbf 1000

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Never understood why any self respecting rider would want to buy one of theses bikes ? Now I get it,full on power, handles like its on rails,exceptionally good on fuel and all day comfort. What more do you want? Rode it home 120 miles home yesterday for a friend and just didn't want to hand it back.
  4. conti trail attack

    has any one tryed these trail attack on the ta, had these road attack on my cbf m2 and they wore down with in 2700 miles they where almost gone any thoughts looking for v good wet tyres for the winter months in wales:rolleyes:
  5. cbf

    Mechanical Advice
    got me chain and sprockets (new performance is alot better
  6. got my cbf 125

    Mechanical Advice
    got me cbf 125 back and honda have solved the problem for me they said it was the break lol
  7. my honda cbf 125

    Mechanical Advice
    right here goes. took my bike into the garage this morning because it had a notch on the head bearing. now the bike come out of the garage and they tell me the front disk break is warped. so i took it for a quick ride and i noticed stright away that my steering was quite heavey and the bike was...
  8. £20 CBF exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Hello again!! Again, I'm in a sharing mood and decided to show you all how to get a cheap silent exhaust in your bike. I bought a second hand std silencer from a CBF600 that cost me £20 p&p included. (ebay again) I started by slicing it with a grinder and by surprise found a cat inside. It is...