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  1. Strange markings on main jet “CBT”

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Stripped and cleaned my carb and thought I’d check the jet sizes etc. On the slow jet was the number 55. Which I understand is quite large! However I cannot find any size on the main jet only the letters CBT ???? Is that just a model fitment number or do these letters correlate to a...
  2. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Summary: Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads. Should motorcyclists be able to upgrade their licence to ride larger bikes by taking a training course, instead of having to take more tests ? Give your views...
  3. XLR 125RW Valve settings

    Other Honda
    I have a 2001 XLR125RW and I've tried to find a manual with no success. I've got the bike running but its not starting up well and the tappits sound noisy. Does anyone know the valve clearances for this bike? And the spark plug gap? Need these urgent as I'm supposed to be doing my cbt on this...
  4. To keep original...?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've lurked here since passing my CBT and lusted after an AT whilst making broom broom noises on my CBF125 ever since. Well now I have a full licence and own a really well looked after 22k 1993 RD07 *punches the air*. The thing is, it's the toscana green version which resembles a 90's...
  5. Wanted: Honda XL125 Varadero

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hey I have just passed my CBT and now looking for my first bike. Im after a Honda Varadero XL125 Let me know what you have please. Thanks
  6. Noob wanting a Varado

    Hey all, Just wanted to say say hello and introduce myself. Im 31 and never really been into bikes, but i have seen the light (with the help of Ewan McGregor on the long way round) Im taking my CBT on Saturday and looking for a 125 Varadero as my first bike. Is there anything i should keep my...
  7. aQuote Bike

    Bought insurance on my 125 when I passed my CBT about 3 months ago - £64. Passed Mod 2, got a Transalp, sold the 125. Wrote to aQuote saying I'd sold the bike. They wrote back asking me for £39. Refund of £26 but a cancellation charge of £65. Demand had barely hit the doormat when I get...
  8. new test rules/help?

    hi guys/gals just a little help needed as im saving up to do my test and just want to know what i will be able to go for as ive looked allover google and it baffles my head with these new rules. im 21 and have been riding on a cbt for 4 years now as i couldent afford to take my test at the...
  9. New bike test rules from 19th January 2013

    Routes to Your motorcycle / scooter Licence 19th January 2013 will see the introduction of the 3rd Driving Licence Directive (or 3DLD). The 3DLD will see several changes to the way the motorcycle licence system works, most notably the changes to age restrictions in each licence category...
  10. Insurance at 16 and under

    One for Bikesure: I am buying a bike for my daughter. I know the bike has to be registered in her name for her to get insurance on it. This is because the insurance companies foolishly believed there is some kind of moral risk in allowing someone who has no financial interest in a vehicle to...
  11. Looking at getting one !

    Africa Twin
    Hi All I am new to the forum and new to bikes i guess. I have decided at the age of 48 to get an AT to commute to work on (60 mile round trip). I dont even have a bike licence yet though ! having lived in South Africa for many years I didnt really need a bike licence (I had a 175 KDX to play...
  12. DVLA - Licence renewed and motorcycle entitlement debacle from a different angle!

    I think we've all read before about the DVLA errors (read horrors) when renewing a licence and having it returned missing entitlements, sometimes HGV but mostly Category A motorcycle entitlements, in some cases resulting in having to take a test again as they wouldn't admit their mistake. Well...
  13. Provisional Licence

    Can someone who is the know confirm something for me on riding a 125 on a provisional licence please? My lad passed his CBT last year when he was 16. This I understand allows him to obtain a provisional licence that allowed him to ride a 50cc until he is 17 (soon) and then a 125cc bike after...
  14. january 2013 new moped and motorcycle learner laws come into force

    2013 learner motorcycle laws - YouTube
  15. XL125R-C Electrics

    Hi all got my hands on a XL125R-C 1984, (Registered), for the GF now she has passed her cbt, it has one or two problems any advice welcome. problem is The bike is not chargeing the battery, i don’t know if it’s the generator of if it’s just a dodgy earth??. along with this the indicators have...
  16. crash bars not fitting

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone help please I am new to this big bike stuff having ridden on the cbt for years, I bought myself an africa twin on a 93 plate and I cannot get the crash bars to fit past the tank. Bought them from fehling germany on ebay and they said they fit from 93 - 2003. of course the...
  17. Parked Cars

    Got a question to ask.......... Was out following the wife on her bike. She passed parked cars without indicating (she looked and did her safety checks). Now I normally indicate in good time to warn traffic behind what I am about to do. When we pulled up I told her she should have indicated...
  18. Drizzle & Spray

    I have a Shark S900 helmet. In most respects it's very good: snug fit (suits my head shape) fairly light, quite quiet, the internal anti-mist coating works well, etc. But I have one major problem once the roads get damp: whatever treatment the visor has been given means that spray, and light...
  19. Boris Jr swells the ranks

    Another biker is born. My eldest has just joined the ranks of motorbike ownership. He has been looking for ages in the sub £1K region for a good second hand bike and they all seemed to be either clunkers or went for silly money. Even the cheap Chinese bikes seemed to be either cruiser replicas...
  20. I passed my cbt!

    Hello guys/gals As you knew i was taking my CBT,,,,, I PASSED, It was great fun cant wait to get back on the bike tomoz hiring one from a local, 5-6 People Failed the CBT :(, Funnest part was going for the 1hr wonder Weeeeeeee:happy6::happy6::happy6::happy6: Saddest part is that I have told you...