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  1. Cdi unit the same on rd07 and rd07a?

    Africa Twin
    Hey, Does anyone know if the cdi units are the same on rd07 and rd07a? I want to change my cdi and need to know if i can swap the cdi on my rd07 with one from rd07a Thanx
  2. For Sale: Faulty XRV650 (or Transalp)CDI Unit - for repair

    For Sale / Wanted
    Removed as faulty. I understand these can be opened and repaired by someone with more time and competence than me! £15 posted. Four pics:
  3. Stator problem

    Anyone more having problems with the stator igniter coil for the cdi unit ? Can I drive it with a tranformator 12-240v instead ? It start and run perfekt like this!
  4. Wanted: wanted xl600 rmg cdi unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    hello i need to source a cdi unit for an xl600 rmg can anyone help thanks
  5. xl 600 rmg cdi unit

    hello are there any other cdi units that are compatible with a xl600 as i need a replacement for my knackered one thanks
  6. Cdi query

    Does anyone know if a cdi unit from a 1990 RD04 Africa twin will operate alright on a 1989 transalp Xl 600?
  7. Wanted: 89 cdi unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says in the title, I am in need of a Proven to be good cdi unit for my Alp..I know it's a big ask and theres a few on eBay but I thought I would try here first. It's the MS8 C1558 model I need
  8. Wanted: Transalp/Africa Twin CDI unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a CDI unit for a Transalp 600 any model between 1987 - 1994 Or a Africa Twin RD03 1988 - 1989 Thanks
  9. Xlv750r problems! Please help!

    Hi guys, Just fell in love with my xlv 750r, have only purchased in the last month and have ridden it everyday! But now once it's warmed up it keeps dropping down to one cylinder, I've had a quick look over it and found that one of the plug leads was slightly damaged which I have now fixed but...
  10. dommie doesnt like starting after a long run

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all. a intermittent problem on my 2001 dommie. sometimes after a long run where it gets really hot, it will refuse to start. its almost as if there is no spark as it will just turn over without any hint of starting. it starts immediately by bump starting so i presume not an engine problem. i...
  11. XRV650 cdi unit

    Africa Twin
    Hi, replaced the cdis on my africa twin 650 a couple of months ago with a set that i bought on this site. One of these has now given up. Have rung most of the breakers in ireland to no avail so was hoping to pick one up here. Can use the cdi from an early transalp. Thanks in advance, Alan
  12. Help needed carb settings

    Hoping someone on here can help me, I've just finished rebuilding an xr600 that came to me in bits, my problem is that I have spark (new stator, plug and cdi unit) but cannot seem to get it to fire up. The plug never seems to get soaked in fuel, I have stripped and cleaned the carb but like I...
  13. Best place to buy ignition coil for xr600?

    Mechanical Advice
    Is the ignition coil from a xr600 (1988) unique or is it the same fit for different models and years. I only ask because I've a new Ricky stator and cdi unit for the bike arriving shortly and want to replace the old ignition coil with new one but want to keep the cost down if possible. Hoping...
  14. cdi unit 2000 Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    help, i need a cdi unit. will any other cdi box fit this bike
  15. Ignition Control Module / CDI Question

    Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone tell me the difference between an "Ignition Control Module" and a CDI unit? From my understanding, I have a coil which turns the 12v from my battery into lots of volts then the ignition control module controls when these are released to the plug to make it spark and ignite the...
  16. For Sale: Transalp 1999 electrical (CDI loom) and brake (master cyl caliper) bits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Transalp 1999 electrical and brake bits Some bits from a late (1999) 600 Transalp, twin front disc, single CDI unit, throttle position sensor on carbs. I had kept these as I thought I might use them on my early AT but have decided I do not need them after all. I Some parts will fit other models...
  17. AF 92 trobble

    Africa Twin
    First Hi Hi all im from Denmark, so my english might be fun to read :-) , but i try to explane my problem. im the happy owner of an AT fra 92 , just got it 3 week ago , before that an cbr1000f - but now i what some dirt roads and maybe some jumps .... Hooah My ( tachometer - google translate...
  18. eBay: 1991 RD04 Africa twin on ebay

    eBay - Africa Twin
    This looks a little dodgy if all he needs to do is program the CDI unit with the disc he has why hasn't he or am I being thick which is a strong possibility knowing me. 1991 HONDA AFRICA TWIN XRV750 RD04 | eBay I presume if gotten cheap enough it might be worth it but that looks like a rusty...
  19. Transalp Electrics

    Hi Guys, My Transalp 600 VJ 1988 is running well, but just in case I'm looking to buy some spares for if it turns bandit. I need to get a reg rec and CDI unit, so where is the best place to buy them from? I just tried David Silver who wanted £75 + vat for the Reg Rec and get this £176 +...
  20. Wanted: rd04/rd07 cdi

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi anyone got a CDI unit for sale for a rd04, as mine just will not fire on the front two plugs!! Coils and all check out as okay it all seems to be pointing to the CDI Cheers Kev.