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  1. 650 cente stand grab handle for sale

    genuine OEM part very rare! £12 posted
  2. Another RD03 on British soil

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I am a proud owner of a RD07a that served me faithfully in the last 10 years. I covered with her 100k miles and now the clock says 122k but she still seems not to bother. Since last year I followed the anticipation for...
  3. Wanted: Transalp wanted please (or AT)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok so I was just about to buy a transalp centenary last weekend only to find its low on compression and so I'm having to walk away :( Anyone know of any decent Transalp or AT around there at a reasonable price... Also im 5'10 with 31" inside leg... Am I actually going to touch floor on AT...
  4. Info needed quickly on compression problem

    Been offered a centenary edition in good nick. They took it for quick service before I collected it and was slight misfire.. No oil leak from head gasket, no emulsification in water or pressure but low on compression. Garage reckons poss piston rings or gasket but no leak... So.... Any...
  5. Centenarians

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I have seen here some exemplary who passed the 100k miles mark but I thought there is not an 'official' thread to mark the ATs that belong to this exclusive club. Well, mine, already several weeks ago, did it. So it is a 'centenarian'. At least in terms of miles, since it is...
  6. BSA A65LC

    Other Bikes
    At a time when I was racing hi tech Jap machinery I wanted something low key but different and came accross this bike and only bought it because of the way it ran. It was a real basket case but together ish. The guy I bought it from gave me all this spiel about it's race background but I was not...
  7. Africa Twin shows what it can do off-road

    Africa Twin
    Africa Twin on a trial Had a good day on sat, I went on the Colmore Cup re visitment run. Basically a trail ride ride round the cotswolds revisiting lots of the old famous sections of the Colmore Cup (the oldest trial in the UK at 100 yrs old)) The KTM wasn't taxed, mot'd insured etc so I put...
  8. rocket center

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I took the XR600 for MOT this afternoon, the bike failed on incorrect headlight angle and a loose spoke, whilst the tester was on his break the dealer mended the faults, then the bike was re tested and passed, no charge for the work, even I can't complain about service like that.:p:p:p
  9. Hello all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Just thought I would introduce myself as I have just joined the forums. I was browsing the web last night and stumbled upon the site... Figured it would be good to sign up. I have owned my Transalp for nearly two years and I love it! I bought it from my Dad who traded it for a Suzuki Vstrom...