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chain adjustment

  1. Chain replacement advice please

    ADVICE PLEASE XL700 17k miles. Original chain and sprockets (scot oiler from new) I've had to adjust the chain a couple of times this last few months and think the chain needs renewing. The rear sprocket doesn't look worn at all. (Not checked front sprocket). I'm getting a lot of 'chatter' from...
  2. Chain Adjustment

    Any tips for adjusting a Alp chain without a centre stand?
  3. chain wear decal

    Hi all... have just managed to change the chain and sprockets on my 650. all is ok and well....and I am extremely chuffed since this was an extremely big challenge for me:p. the only casualty is that I managed to destroy my chain wear decal/sticker in the process.:( 1. Can I live without this...
  4. More chain advice

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have followed the excellent advice on this forum regarding chain adjustment, and have mine now set to 70mm from the swingarm. Gearchanges and general smoothness is now much improved:blob: My question now is, what measurement do I let it get to before I adjust/tighten it? The chain...
  5. chain adjustment

    hi to all, i think my chain might need adjusting ! as i dont have a centre stand, im not sure if you adjust on the side stand or on a paddock stand, i have never adjusted a chain before, as i have asked the dealer on a service before, wether it needed doing or not, i never asked if they did or...
  6. Question about 650R chain adjustment/alignment

    Mechanical Advice
    When adjusting it do you go by the marks at the axle or the distance between the rim and swing arm?. The reason i ask is becuase when both marks at the axle are the same, the wheel's squint by about 1cm, is this normal (which i dont think so).
  7. chain adjustment

    how on earth do you adjust the chain on a 650ta with no mainstand!! help!
  8. Rule of thumb chain adjustment

    This could be posted in bike tech section, but my question is specific to the Varadero, specifically the 2008 Fi model if that makes a difference! Has any one got any common sense, rule of thumb type recommendations for the correct chain slack adjustment? I know the book says 35-40 mm...
  9. Another chain tension question

    Africa Twin
    Greetings all fellow riders. I've read all posts considering chain adjustment on AT, but still haven't found answer to my question. I've adjusted my chain slack to 70mm as recommended by ATIC, but what happens when you fully load the AT with passenger, 3 boxes (main and side) + additional...
  10. basic maintanence skills

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    ok, speaking with Ros at Rykas and there was a suggestion of having a day of teaching some of the newer/less confident riders (+ vader - a lost cause!!!!:D:D) some basic maintanence skills - chain adjustment, oil and filter changes, checking of brakes, light changes etc. maybe a bit of a...
  11. A night for sprockets

    Front Sprocket .... I think this is the fault A few questions being asked about sprockets tonight... Well on return from a ride on Sunday I shifted down a gear and during the de-clutch felt a slight knocking, even this is too strong a word, through my left boot. Slowed down coasted and...
  12. Cam chain adjustment on xr125l3 help!

    Oops think i posted this in the wrong section so am adding it here as well. My name is Carol and I am the proud owner of a honda xr125 L3 and need some help to adjust the cam chain. I have been told the xr125 engine is the same as the cb/xl 125 but I am not sure. Can anyone help by telling...
  13. New clutch. Help, please!

    I reckon I need a new clutch. I have to accelerate gently or I get slippage. Also when taking off I seem to get everything in one lump. Almost as if it's not properly in gear when I set off. Anyways, I am reasonably confident I can perform this operation, I just want to be sure I've got...
  14. Chain adjustment

    Just fitted a centre stand to my 2004 TA,this has made it a lot easier to clean and service.Is it best to check + adjust chain on centre stand or with back wheel on ground.I have covered about 3000 mls on bike in past year and havent adjusted it as yet.The bike is fitted with a Scott oiler which...
  15. Chain/Sprokets PROBLEM in SYRIA!

    Africa Twin
    Hey! Im down in Southern Syria and just started to hear a real nasty metal sound as Im driving at slow speeds. The sound is like what I would imagine would happen if weren’t hitting the teeth correctly every once and a while and then falling in- but I don’t see that while itson the center...
  16. cam chain adjustment

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Is the cam chain adjuster automatic or can this be adjusted maually, still getting annoying rattle when cold but goes when warm, rattle can be intermittent, and very noisey cheers baz
  17. Cam Chain adjustment?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, sorry for the sporadic imput to this forum I'm just not on the web much. Any way my question: Is there a way of adjusting the cam chain or is it an automatic affair? There is an adjustment looking screw/cap on the right side of the engine but it looks more like it holds something in...
  18. missing chain adjustment sticker

    Africa Twin
    Hi i have lost both my chain adjustment stickers :( can any tell me what number the red warning part of the stickers starts ........ many thanks :D !
  19. XR250 & XR400 Mod VIDEO'S

    Hi guys, been making some vids covering basics for XR250 owners: 1) CHAIN ADJUSTMENT: 2) SPARK PLUG MOD: 3) RE-JETTING: 4) EXHAUST & AIRBOX...
  20. Chain Adjustment

    I always find the handbook method of measuring the chain slack a bit of a pain because it has to be done with the bike on the side stand. It has to be easier when on the centre stand, but of course the measurments will have to be different because of the rear wheel hanging free. Does anyone...