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chain oiler

  1. YACO (Yet another Chain Oiler)

    Bodgers Corner
    I wanted to get rid of the sticky spray lube for the chain and intended to build my own chain oiler.<br> My main objectives were: low tech, independent from motor vacuum or electricity/electronics. full manual control of the amount of oil being applied, depending on road or weather conditions...
  2. my version of chain oiler

    This is my interpretation of a chain oiler. Initial ideea was a gravity based drip with some sort of auto-off when engine is not running. Materials used: Plastic bottle(preferably HDPE to withstand oil in the long run) 1/4 brass barbed connector 6MM gasoline hose 5mm copper brake pipe 1/4...
  3. Drive chain oiler

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, just awaiting delivery of a 99 AT, I'm planning to fit a chain oiler and have used Scottoiler in the past, which oiler do you guys recommend? I always felt you were adjusting the scottoiler from filthy everything to no oil! Thanks in advance JTP
  4. Group Buy - Loobman chain oiler

    Discounts / Deals
    OK lads and lasses I have always been of the 'slap some gear oil on with a brush' school of chain lubrication, and my chains have lasted me well. Scotoilers I reckon are too expensive and there's too much to go wrong. But there are simpler, more reliable alternatives at a much lower cost...
  5. Chain Oiler fitting

    Africa Twin
    My plans to get to the Stella Alpina were scuppered by that poxy work thing. But when I did get home from work a parcel was waiting for my attention. :thumbup: Pro-Oiler make fully electrical pumped oilers, they aint cheap but I fitted one before to the Varadero and never looked back. I had the...
  6. Chain oiler

    Did anyone buy this chain oiler recently: LoobMan Motorcycle Chain Oiler Loobman chain-oiler - Shop. I want to buy one, this looks really cheap compared to the Scottoiler, but I'm open-minded to any other suggestions, don't be shy to share with me if you have any :) Please also let me know what...
  7. For Sale: "Motooiler" Chain olier by V-oila!!!!!!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Boys I would like you introduce you to this product: Motooiler Automatic Chain Oiler By V Oila For Sale in Blanchardstown, Dublin from kolasek77 How this works? Flow of the oil is controlled by a turn of the knob. The flow is controled throught solenoid valve. You can adjust to the riding...
  8. Idea - home made chain oiler

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm putting this up as a potential bodge as I haven't taken this any further than having a thunk about it. There are several chain oilers out there from the automatic vacuum operated Scottoiler and it's electrically operated sibling to the manually operated Loobman. And there are bound to be...
  9. Intermittent mystery Electrical Problem - HELP!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I picked up a 96 AT yesterday. The bike is in great condition, but its got a bizarre electrical issue I can't quite understand. Most of the time, you turn the ignition on (lights come on etc), hit the starter button, and the bike starts. Some of the time, you turn the ignition on...
  10. For Sale: Selling my Africa Twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have the chance of a very nice 955 Tiger so it looks like the AT will have to go.Its an RD07a,1999 bike,MOT till Xmas,tax till Jan 2013,39000 miles.Crashbars,heated grips powered by a switched relay so no leaving them on by mistake,chain oiler,Hel stainless hoses.Seat modified by GA Wells at...
  11. Pan American highway on Transalp

    Ihave recently returned from a 20 000mile journey on my wonderful XL700 Transalp. We started in Ushuaia at the tip of South America and headed for Alaska. Unfortunately time ran out and once in USA I got to Salt Lake City and had to head for New York. The roads we travelled over consisted of...
  12. FX650 to France - touring modifications worked a treat!

    Dominator / FMX
    I've just got back from a long weekend near Bayeux. I covered over 1000 miles in 4 days, a lot of which was the ride from Sheffield to Portsmouth and the return leg from Poole to Sheffield. Last year I did a similar trip on a Fazer600 which was obviously more suited to the task, so in...
  13. Chain lubes

    What are peoples' views on using spray on chain lubes? I don't want an auto chain oiler and prefer to lube the chain myself using a spray on non fling type, rather than plain oil which flies off. At the moment I'm using Castrol chain wax which claims it does not harm O ring chains and is easy...
  14. Which chain oiler (If any)?

    Hi all, Having used the search function, I know this topic has been covered in various guises but hopefully I have a slightly new slant on it! I'm replaicng the chain and sprockets on my bike after just shy of 14k miles. Not too impressed with that, previous bikes have lasted much longer and...
  15. Tutoro Chain Oiler

    Just brought one of these for my 2005 Varadero 1000, just wondered if anyone else has one and where the hell did you fit and locate it ? I cant seem to find anywhere to mount it, anyone shed any light on this. Thanks
  16. TUTORO Chain Oiler

    Product Reviews
    I was fed up trying to keep the 20 year old Scottoiler on my Royal Enfield 500 Trials Bullet alive, so when I bought my '03 650 'Alp I wanted something simpler and more economical. For under 20 quid the TUTORO gives you a high quality plastic reservoir with control valve, a few feet of...
  17. making a chain oiler. any other plans?

    Africa Twin
    decided that with new chain/sprockets, and automatic oiler seems a good idea, but as none available here, and im not prepared to pay silly money for something i think i can bodge, im gonna give it a bash. read some threads on other attempts/sucseses, and think im gonna go for the pure manual...
  18. Chain Oilers

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi having read a post and Googling for info, Im thinking of buying a Tutoro device. Anyone got one and is it easy to fit to my 650ALP. £20.00 seems worth a gamble.
  19. A noice read, building a better Dommie ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Building a Better Dominator Article by Ron Grant, "SideTrack" – Motorcycle Adventure Magazine, Australia. August – September 1998, Issue 20. What works, what doesn't on the way to eight extra horses and a vastly improved suspension package. Ron Grant from Shogun Honda in Brisbane has spent...
  20. Chain oiler reviews in RiDE magazine

    Mechanical Advice
    Just a heads up as there are alot of questions about this on the forum. The forthcoming issue of RiDE magazine has a test on all the available chain oilers on the market, including Loobman and Scottoiler, it might be useful to someone on here :thumb: