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chain replacement

  1. Help for Transalp newbie about to do 10000 miles!

    Hi all, I am in Australia and I've just bought a 2001 Transalp with 50,000 kilometres in Ireland, which I will ship to Germany in April, 2014 and hopefully ride to Mongolia! My friend in Ireland will be able to do some work to the bike and he has a mechanic who can do anything he can't. I am...
  2. ta700 chain replacement

    I just had the MOT for my ta700 and afterwards I just was chatting to the mechanic about chains. He reckoned that you should always replace the sprockets whenever you put a new chain on. Is that really the recommended option ? My chain is almost at the end of its adjustment after 12000 miles...
  3. Chain replacement and Lost a tooth

    Started my basic bike maintenance course last week and this week we used my TA to do a chain change. So saving I guess approx £60 on dealer charges at its iminent 8000 mile service.:p So off came the overly long OEM RK chain that had the back wheel wound all the way back (7800 miles) and on...