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  1. Africa Twin
    I got my carbs back a few days ago and fially go around to fitting them this morning. I started the bike up and now its peeing oil from the chamber under the airbox. I can hear oil sloshing around inside the air box. Does this mean I need a new airbox or would a healthy dose of araldite fix it...
  2. Africa Twin
    Number 11 in the picture Mine is damaged and can't be clamped quite as it should. Someone glued it but not very good so it is deformed somewhat. Looked everywhere I know but it is a discontinued part. Any ideas maybe where to get one?
  3. Africa Twin
    I'm in the midst of a rebuild/restoration and have decided to get rid of the K&N and go back to stock. The previous owner did not keep the old parts so I am looking for the plastic chamber (#11) and cannot seem to source one. Does anyone have any advise on where I might get one? Cheers Murray
  4. XR
    I have a 92 xr 250 and was having a bit of trouble starting it so thought changing the plug might help me out a bit. On removing the spark plug it was black and oily. According to the haynes manual oil may be leaking into the chamber and the symptoms it lists are what I have been experiencing...
  5. Transalp
    Been reading the last few postings and i saw something about removing the sub chamber? Excuse my stupidity but what is it? what does it do? and what will i gain if i remove it??I was told by a non TA owner that it would give the bike more "Omph?" But he could not elaborate on that... ...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi, I've got a 91 rd04,looking through the manual,I've noticed mines is missing its resonance chamber which connects to the back of the air box,the bike has a Laser pipe fitted so I wondered if this had been done away with to make it run properly with this pipe? The bike runs fine ,I just...
1-7 of 7 Results