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  1. changeing oil

    Dominator / FMX
    is it a simple job on these and any pictures of where the two drain plugs are please noticed the oil filter is on the side case looking at a fmx on youtube
  2. 1990 transalp wheel hub destroyed

    today while out for a spin my front break started to seeze up after useing it hard . i stoped up and gave the calliper a kick as you do to free it off and as i went to adjust the back break as i decide to use that insted i noticed wear . i had only washed the bike a few days ago and it was...
  3. T/a 700 k&n air filter

    Thinking of sticking a k&n filter on my ta 700 , anyone else fitted one ? i allready have a fuel exhaust fitted so will changeing the filter affect it much ? cheers mick
  4. Road To Dirt Newbie

    Hi all , just signed up to this forum having just bought a 1991 xr 250r. I have had a few years on a R6 and fancied a change, Bought the bike 3 months ago and just getting round to getting her road worthy. wondering if you could answer me if you could answer me a few questions. 1. I have...
  5. new sprocket, slightly worn chain question.

    Mechanical Advice
    Yo guys! I need a bit of advise please. I had to replace my chain and sprockets a while back, but the (only) shop didnt have the standard gearing available. So I'm currently running a smaller rear sprocket. I want to go back to the normal rear 'cos the current setup is killing my economy...
  6. Air filter

    In the next few weeks doing a service on the bike and the air filter needs changeing. So the question is, replace with hondas own or go for a KN or a Pipercross. If I go down the KN or Pipercross route is it just a matter of pay your money take your choice? From what I can see the both say they...
  7. another Vote for Sillett Tyres in Aberdeen

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Was out at the weekend on the wee Alp escorting Barry on his trip up to the National.. I had swapped out the front wheel as I thought it needed balancing.. Still had a bit of a vibration on the bike.. Barry commented that my rear wheel looked buckled... checked it wheel fine tyre quiffy...
  8. Tell me about Honda Trailies

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Folks Just stopped by to say hello, and maybe pick a few brains. I have been thinking of changeing my Buell for a big trail bike, I used to have an XT500 when the first came out in the early seventies, and although useless off road it was a good back road bike, I wondered what I could...
  9. tire advice needed

    i need to replace my tires within the next week or so but need help on wat to go for i currently have bridgestone trailwings which are horrendous in the wet and they need changeing now wat im looking for is a road going tires suitable for a honda varadero xl125, as i dont use the bike off road...
  10. cutting out

    This is weird it does not do it all the time and only ever does it when changeing from 2nd to 1st starts up straight away and off to go. It aint fuel its to do with the gear change??? Anyone elses vara do this my xrv has done it once or twice is it a v twin thing?