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  1. Hello XR chaps/chappesses

    Thought I best say hello seeing as my first post was a "problem"post. Picked up my 1998 XR400R the other day and since then, it's been a case of get up, shower, breakfast, tinker with bike. So far, I'm happy. So, what have I done so far? Adjusted valve clearances. Retentioned the manual...
  2. Help me! I'm slipping to the dark side

    Africa Twin
    Please guys, help me. I've been slipping towards the dark side of the bike. i have been seriously considering selling (gasp) my beloved @@ and getting an 1150GS. (I know others of you have too, I've seen you at GSer forum as well !!!!) I nearly did it today. Fortunately I didn't and went on...
  3. Fuel Tap

    Hello all you TA chappies and Chappesses? Doing a bit of a projet on my AT, first step is to fit a TA petrol tank, which I have done, however the tap that came with it appears to have a vacuum take off on it, so simple question, where do I stick it? does it go back to one of the cylinder inlets...
  4. HOG

    Apparantly the Harley chaps and chappesses are coming to Killarney this weekend for some kind of meeting, so I think I'll go...... and wave at them :wink: