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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hey chaps, I've just obtained an XR650L oil pump (15100-MY6-670) I understood this to be a worthwhile upgrade from the standard NX5650 oil pump But it doesn't seem to fit. Help! Update: It does fit following some minor mods outlined later on in this thread.
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi chaps ... the main beam on my 96 RD7A has stopped working as in flick the switch on the bars and nothing also the flash button on the front of the switch gear does nothing .... were can i find the relay that controls this ... :thumbup:
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    morning chaps,im just restoring a 79 xr 500 and am missing the speedo anybody got a speedo for xr 185/250/500 twinshock model?ta mark
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi Chaps, Does anyone out there have a certificate of confirmaty for a RD03 in French ? scanned copy or original would really help me out, its for the bullshit Belgium authorities..... Many thanks Matt ahh maybe send me a private message :-)
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of an aluminium velocity stack/ bellmouth with an inside diameter of 55mm or 2 1/4 inch for you old school chaps. Its for sucking small children and little old ladies into my Keihin FCR-MX flatside carb. I can only find them in the states and the price...
  6. Africa Twin
    HI Chaps Happy New Year to you all. Im looking into wheel upgrades for mt Twinny Can any one make any suggestions, or share there experiences Thanks in advance
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    No longer required - many thanks
  8. Dominator / FMX
    I am looking for an air filter for my project bike. Do any of you chaps have any suggestions about whats good and whats not? It has to be 82 mm to fit on the standard carb which I just re-jetted with 170 main jet.It was fitted with 148. :thumbup:
  9. Chatter
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Chaps, Can anyone on the forum help me out ? Looking for a 35ltr Touratech Zega (not pro) in good condition to replace a very bent and mangled one (don't ask)! Happy to pay sensible money, no longer available from touratech, so a good used one looks like the easiest option. Thanks Rod
  11. Dominator / FMX
    I am looking to buy an exhaust stystem for my 94 Dominator to cut down on weight. :rolleyes: I would like something that I can bolt straight on without having to fiddle with the carb settings. I wouldnt be against something that might piss my neighbours off :D:D:D Your advice would be...
  12. Suzuki
    As above chaps. Got a leak from the bottom of one of them and decided to do the lot. Removed and drained. Now I need special tools? The manual I've downloaded isn't much help on the actual seal removal. 1997 model but the forks aren't the same as in the supplement, so maybe earlier...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    morning,any of you chaps got a xl 600 lmf front wheel for sale as mine is buckled and causing the mother of all vibes over 55mph,cheers marko
  14. Africa Twin
    Hey chaps, I have a 91 RD04 and are looking for the original rear luggage rack, I have the GIVI box and plate which I want to remove ( yep the classic red, blue and white one).. any pixs also interesting as I dont even know what it looks like.. cheers Matt
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Got. New one from Germany in the perfect colour for £55 delivered!!! Hi Chaps, Does anyone on here have a black and gold gagster tank cover for an RD07 @ that they want to part with? Cheers, Nick
  16. Africa Twin
    Hey chaps, Is 35mm TT or AQ the hightest I can go with my handle bars, seems still a little low... I'm planning on doing lots of standing.... cheers Matt
  17. Dominator / FMX
    I am looking for someone to make a one off custom solo seat for my dommie special. If I provide the seat base dimensions , I will be needing someone to upholster it and ship it to Denmark. Any suggestions chaps as this is above my skill set and I want a propper job doing for my flat tracker...
  18. Dominator / FMX
    Hi chaps, Just picked up a 1999 Dommie today. The book doesn't quite show the same dash. What is the large amber/yellow 'S' indicator on the left where the book says indicator? I'm guessing service or oil maybe, I don't know. Thanks.
  19. Africa Twin
    Hey chaps about to order my TKC80 for my RD04 but just want to clarify the widest size, 140 ? even 150 ? its for mostly gravel roads and sand, little mud when over here .. very little road use, bike with just me on it, almost no luggage / passengers... cheers Matt
  20. Dominator / FMX
    I am making a seat base for my flattracker and need an address of any custom seat builders out there to make my seat cover. I can shape the foam myself and need someone to make just the seat cover for me. If you have any links so I can contact them, that would be great.:thumbup: Cheers...
1-20 of 35 Results