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  1. For Sale: Yuasa Battery YTZ12S new and boxed

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I bought a new battery for my 07 Transalp and found it was a charging issue and didn't need to fit it. It was bought online in May and i didn't get round to sending it back... Its still sealed in the box, genuine Yuasa YTZ12S looking for £40 would need to be collected ideally Based Nr...
  2. USB Charging

    Quick question. I should be ok charging 4 usb devices when riding right?Phone, Gopro and 2x power bank?
  3. Fuse sizing?

    Africa Twin
    So how do you go about choosing a proper size fuse? I received my new 3 circuit setup and would like to get it installed now. One line is going to my gps and another to the rear trunk. is there a rule of thumb to use for figuring things out? Also for the switched circuits can I use a rear turn...
  4. Ignition went dead after storage, no power

    Gi, just wanna post my experience with the TA600. Had it in storage in my +5C garage all winter and fired her up a couple of times. Then come spring, ready to ride, fire up, but no.. the dash lights flicker , then all dead. Suspected dead battery. Charge it with CTEK charger for motorbike ...
  5. Heated grips not getting to temp ?

    Africa Twin
    Im running these heated grips on the AT ... there not getting upto temp ? ive checked all the connections for corrosion and there ok the battery is good and im charging around 14.2 volts ????
  6. bike been unused for about 1.5 years

    Dominator / FMX
    As stated above my 89 dominator engined special has gone unused for about 1.5 years apart from starting it about 6 months ago. Today I dragged it out and after charging the battery tried to start in.i could hear the relay click in but the starter did not spin.Thinking the battery was suspect I...
  7. Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Miada Vale, W London

    Mechanical Advice
    Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Guildford Earlier this week, my nephew Sam purchased from a guy in West Midlands, what was my old Transalp 650 but after checking it over and it flying through the MOT, the bike stopped on the M1 on the way back to London from Shropshire...
  8. Got another RD04!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, glad to see this page alive and well. I left a number of years ago after my old RD04 (pictured above) tried to give up the ghost I gave it to my mechanic as a thank you for all his years of sweat, toil and blood charging me mates rates. I went over to a sorry..... a...
  9. Problem with ABS

    hi ;) One quick questions... on my vara 2007 abs light flashing sometimes ,not always. when abs light dont blinking ,abs work normaly... the diagnose is: code 14.. that means something on electric... any ideas ?... i was chek the charging system and works normaly. Thanks
  10. Batery not charging

    A few weeks ago my VA4 died on me on the motorway,battery was flat as a pancake. The varadero forum reckoned it might be the reg/rec,have just put a brand new one on with fully charged battery and when started there's no change to the voltage at the battery up through the rev range.Would this...
  11. where to find a voltometer like this

    I bought a voltometer for my old at a few years ago and want to buy another one for my new bike. the old one was just a bulb and it showed green when good and flashed different colours, amber and red depending on the state of the charging circuit see image, i put it in the bottom left of the...
  12. 1994 xrv750 died on first outing

    Africa Twin
    hi, i have recently bought a 1994 xrv750 it is in very good condition. it had not been used for about 5 or 6 years i have stripped and cleaned and serviced the bike and it starts and runs perfectly. but on my first outing i stopped the bike for about half an hour and went back to the bike and it...
  13. Charging

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I'mm sure this has been done to death but.... So I started the bike in the car park tonight, it started as per normal and when I revved it the bike cut out. Maybe had to much choke, maybe a number of reasons. Thing is the bike wouldn't start again, I kept trying and in my...
  14. Electrical Gremlin RD07

    Africa Twin
    So, yesterday I went to start the bike and it acted as if my battery was low, and the bike started hard and slow. After work, I started the bike and same thing. Interestingly as I increased the RPM rather that the lights getting brighter, they got dimmer. I thought, oh great, the bikes not...
  15. For Sale: TomTom Urban Rider

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my TomTom Urban rider sat nav, with '45' Europe mapping. Comes boxed & instructions, with RAM mounts, charging mount with ciggy socket attached (I also have the full length cable for permanent bike mounting) and non charging mount (adapted to take a mini usb in the sat nav port)...
  16. Charging system upgrade?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I was out on the Dommie today with my Keis heated kit on - waistcoat, inner gloves and boot insoles. Toasty, if a bit of a faff to get dressed in all the kit. I don't bother for a short trip but I was out for a good few hours today. I recall reading that the Dommie's charging system...
  17. RD04 Electrical Issue - Seriously Frustrated

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Wondering if you can help ease my pain...the beginning is a good place to start. Prepare thy selves for War and Peace, sorry. :-) 1991 RD04. When I bought the bike in October, it had a shitty Easy Start battery in it. On quite a few occasions I had to jump start the bike. The bike...
  18. Batteries: How long do they last roughly?

    I have a 2010 XL700VA Transalp, with 28000 miles on the clock, that this morning didn't have enough life in the battery to start it. It hasn't been started in about a week which is the longest it has gone without being used in the short time I have owned it. It took a charge from the Oximiser...
  19. Varadero 125 battery.

    Morning guys. I bought a 12v 6a battery charger as my battery is flat. I connected everything up and ten minutes later the battery is bubbling quite a lot . Shat myself and unplugged everything in case it decided to blow up. I then noticed that my battery is a 12v 4ah battery, the manual said...
  20. Wanted: Stator for XL250R/XLR250 .

    For Sale / Wanted
    Urgently need good used stator for XL250R or XLR250 (MD11 or MD17 engine codes) these are the RFVC engines.Anyone got an engine they are breaking? Must be known to have been charging okay when running.Might take rotor with it.