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  1. Schuberth SR1 - Size

    Yes I know about SR2 but looking at SR1 now =) Head size 61cm: According to Schuberth size chart: L = 58-59cm XL = 60-61cm Today I have: Shoei XR-1100 L = 59cm Fits good but can't be larger and Medium is to small. Uvex × 2 L = 59-60cm Feels quite large but also very light with soft...
  2. For Sale: As"New"Bike Jeans

    For Sale / Wanted
    Halvarrsons/Lindstrands Wrap Jeans in Black size Large ( 34 -36 waist according to chart)<br> I can promise that they were only worn once, on the day they were bought, I wore them back from the shop and not since. Cost me £119 want £50 inc P&P
  3. Frame color code

    Africa Twin
    Hi from Norway and currently -8´C :( Can anyone tell me how I can find the correct color code on the frame of a 1996 Africa Twin? I´m sending of the frame for powder coating on Monday, so it would have been good to know what the silver color code is. If someone know the code and if it´s a RAL...
  4. Route chart holder

    Hi I am looking to get me a route chart holder. There are a few that I can see from the USA but does anyone know where I would pick one up in the UK? Thanks Steve
  5. Power increase from changing airbox, jetting and exhaust?

    Africa Twin
    First post on the forum. Moderators, please guide me right if these questions has already benen answered elsewhere on the forum. 1A. Assume that we start with an unmodified RD04 - how much can the power (horsepower, torque) be increased by modifying airbox, changing air filter, changing...
  6. Failed emissions test

    Africa Twin
    I'm having trouble getting my bike to pass the mandatory annual emissions test out in Dubai. Have put new jets, changed air filters, fuel filters, float adjusted and tried a different exhaust but keeps failing. The readings are off the chart and bike seems to be running quite rich.I have been...
  7. RD07 wire colours

    Africa Twin
    Hi does anyone have a chart on the RD07 wire colours and maybe a diagram as to where what goes, I found some backyard bypasses in my bike wires and want to fix them, my manual does not have a clear section on that
  8. Flow chart for Electrical Faults

    How to.....
    Original Link outside source
  9. Dynamometer (dyno) chart gallery

    Hi, I just found nice forum to upload dynamometer (dyno) charts, check out : There is no need to registrade for uploading. BR, Steve
  10. I need n chart

    Africa Twin
    Hi there is there anyone out there with n Dyno report or grahp of the Twin Torch and Kw. I need to find that sweet spot.