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  1. Will XR600 fit on NX650 chassi?

    Dominator / FMX
    If I have a complete XR600 and want to build this up on a NX650 chassi, will it fit? The reason for asking is that vI have a road legal NX 650 chassi and a non road legal complete XR 600R. The NX is in bad shape and will cost a lot to repair. Dan
  2. For Sale: 1998 Transalp pd10 siezed engine and chassis

    For Sale / Wanted
    House move forces me to empty the garage. This is what's left from when I turned 3 bikes into 2 a little while ago. It's a chassis from a 1998 pd10 bike with a seized motor. No V5 (but I have the sales receipt and old Luxembourg logbook from the friend in Luxembourg from whom I bought it to...